Real Estate Public Records Aggregation

Multi-sourced data aggregation from voluminous real estate documents builds robust repository for USA-based periodical publisher.

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Real Estate Analytics

Constantly changing data attributes including ownership, titles, mortgage, tax and appraisals pose a challenge to real estate aggregators in keeping databases updated, refreshed and comprehensive. Inaccurate, outdated or incomplete property transactional records can lead to unreliable analysis and poor decisions jeopardizing your brand credibility and revenue streams.

We offer a broad range of customized real estate data solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows. Through technology-driven omni-channel data capture and validation techniques we ensure that your property databases remain comprehensive, current and accurate. We make sure that every readily available or obscure public record across counties, be it structured or unstructured, finds its way to your database and is organized in structured, easily accessible formats.

Our meticulously programmed crawl schedules ensure that the data we capture across time zones is current. Our data acquisition workflows acquire and index 200+ Data points and refresh them regularly to keep your real estate database enriched and updated. Smart tools quickly identify, mix/match and compile attributes like property data, mortgage and homeowner information, and even real estate document images. Our multi-level quality check process is driven by a blend of human intelligence and automation, assuring you 99% accuracy on the property data that we validate, standardize and enhance.

100+ Categories of Property Records across Data Types

Real Estate Transaction Assets

  • Sale deeds
  • Mortgage & appraisals
  • Per-foreclosure & foreclosures
  • Liens & bankruptcy reports
  • Assignments & release records

Property Tax Databases

  • Assessor tax data
  • Legal descriptions
  • Property information
  • Mailing address change
  • Real estate taxes & valuation


  • Zoning uses & geocodes
  • Property characteristics & size
  • Building permits
  • Property addresses
  • Interior & exterior features

U.S. Borrower Credit Access

  • Mortgages
  • Credit cards & loans
  • Liens and bankruptcies
  • Credit reports
  • Judgments

Aggregate and standardize property data from across sources and geographies!

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Real Estate Document Processing.

Our data aggregation processes are designed to enrich data quality and reduce operational costs.

  • Acquire property transactional data related to sales, appraisals, foreclosures, assignments, release etc.
  • Data capture from courthouses, public sources and data collectors across the US, Canada, UK, and Europe.
  • Tax data acquisition directly from state, county and sub-taxing agencies.
  • Human powered automated keying in and indexing up to 200 data fields.
  • Validating universal codes across states, counties and jurisdictions.
  • Hybrid address standardization mechanism to improve match rates.
  • Match and validate tax assessor information with legal documents.
  • Data standardization and normalization as per client’s system-specific conventions and processes.
  • Robust data submission process to upload approved property information into MLS or CMA.
  • Accurate data for analytical insights and informed decisions.
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We are a legacy real estate company, and it was not an easy task to provide document management services tailored to our particular demands. Appreciate HitechDigital’s perseverance to deliver the perfect solution.

– Director Operations, Real Estate Data Warehouse, New York

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