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Where are you on the road to achieving high operational efficiency in your construction projects? Are you plagued by cost overruns, delayed construction schedules, project ambiguities, lack of interdisciplinary coordination or extensive reworks?

HitechDigital empowers Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms globally, to boost operational efficiencies and optimize workflows through cutting edge end-to end BIM solutions. We convert legacy drawings and sketches into information-rich 3D models with accurate scheduling and cost estimates for enhanced project visualization, better assessment of building constructability and quicker client approvals.

By automating manual BIM workflows, our BIM automation experts accelerate lead times and improve quality and productivity. Custom Revit libraries give you multiple design prototypes to help deliver projects within proposed time and budget. Our digital twins and facility management solutions help real time property maintenance and management.

We specialize in hospitals and airports and have executed hundreds of projects for civic and public buildings, hotels, commercial and residential buildings.




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Unleash efficiencies across your AEC projects

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  • Architects Architects
  • MEP Consultants and Speciality Contractors MEP Consultants and Speciality Contractors
  • Surveyors Surveyors
  • Prefab/Precast Manufacturers Prefab/Precast Manufacturers
  • Property Managers Property Managers
  • Architects

    Architectural Design Support

    Expert support for interior and exterior architectural designing with energy analysis for residential and commercial properties.»

    Architectural BIM Modeling Services

    BIM modeling at LOD 100-500 with CAD to BIM conversion for architectural elements, and detailed documentation for material quantities, schedules, and costs.»

    Architectural Drafting and Drawings

    Detailed drawings at schematic and design development phase for faster approvals from clients and government authorities.»

    Architectural Visualization Services

    Enhanced project visualization with interior and exterior renders, 3D layouts, immersive 360-degree virtual reality walkthroughs and architectural animations.»

  • MEP Consultants and Speciality Contractors

    MEP BIM Services

    Custom 3D modeling of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems with model-based drawings for fabrication and installation.»

    BIM Modeling and Clash Detection

    Clash-free and coordinated 3D Revit BIM models for architectural, structural and MEPF disciplines with detailed construction documentation.»

    HVAC Design Services

    Customized and clash-free HVAC designs and mechanical duct layouts with detailed fittings, and HVAC component placement.»

    Plumbing Design Services

    Environment friendly plumbing designs and layouts to maximize water conservation; detailed information on plumbing elements including fittings, fixtures, and pipes etc.»

    Fire Protection System Design

    Interference-free fire protection system designs in accordance with NFPA codes and standards for maximum safety against fire hazards.»

  • Surveyors

    Scan to BIM Modeling

    Point cloud to BIM modeling services including conversion of scan data and images into 3D Scan-to-BIM models with +/- 10 mm accuracy.»

    Scan to CAD Drafting

    CAD conversion from scanned data and 2D layouts of architectural, structural, MEPF systems for renovation, retrofit and reconstruction projects.»

    MEP Consultants
  • Prefab/Precast Manufacturers

    Prefab/Precast Modeling

    3D precast models, shop drawings, and concrete mould drawings at LOD 400 with element assemblies for beams, columns, slabs ensure accurate precast installation and mould reusability.»

    Modular Formwork Modeling

    Custom BIM-based 3D Modular Formwork models with formwork detailing, unique element IDs following design codes for better installation outcomes.»

    Concrete Rebar Detailing

    Cast-in situ Concrete Rebar structural detailing and accurate Bar Bending Schedules (BBS) with accurate concrete quantities.»

    Prefab/Precast Manufacturers
  • Property Managers

    BIM for Social Housing Organization

    3D Digital Twins to enable social housing organizations, property management companies and building owners with connected digital replicas for better asset management.»

    BIM for Facility Management

    BIM-based FM ready models for data-driven decisions in asset and facility management, maintenance and repairs of residential and commercial properties.»

    Property Managers

Satisfied Customers.

80% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

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Service Leadership.

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal represents HitechDigital in North America, and helps client and our production teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

Bhushan Avsatthi

Bhushan Avsatthi

Bhushan leads the BIM Consulting team with a focus on operations excellence through the integration of new technology and Lean techniques to enhance BIM practices and projects.

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