Data Engineering

Engineer a simplified, reliable infrastructure of complex datasets

Data Engineering

Mammoth volumes of data resting with businesses are meaningless if not engineered efficiently. Stiff data pipelines, information silos, poor processing, constricted storage or convoluted datasets block the actionable insights you need to improve your bottom line.

HitechDigital’s data engineers integrate multiple data sources and build scalable data pipelines, warehouses and data lakes to fully utilize your historical and real-time data. We do data modernization and migration to cloud and on-premises following agreed SOP and quality checks. Our data engineering solutions enable quick and easy data visualization and analytics to discern patterns and predict trends.

Backed by three decades of experience in managing data of varying complexities, we help you build robust and high performing data ecosystems. Right from collecting to modeling and visualizing to analyzing and everything in between, we focus on speed, scale, and accessibility. Our data specialists process databases of up to millions of records in a month and offer turnaround times of 24 hours. That’s how fast we can get your databases into shape.

Data Warehouse.

We build robust, secure, scalable, and high-performance data warehouse both on Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure or others) and On-Premises. Our solutions help you to leverage accurate data for generating actionable insights and make informed decisions.

Our service offerings:

DWH Development: Conceptualize a DWH architecture and build a data model based on business objectives. Extract data from disparate sources (E); transform to map data element to the model (T); load the data into a Data Warehouse which is a centralized repository (L).

DWH Optimization: Diagnose existing DWH setup to revolve modeling issues, improve query response time and optimize schema with the help of performance metrics. Implement best practices to improve Master Data Management and ETL/ELT operations.

DWH Support: Generate diagnostic reports and manage change requests efficiently to identify and fix DWH issues. Implement regular updates and upgrades to enhance accessibility, transparency and functionality.

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Data Warehouse

Data Lakes .

Store and easily locate any scale of structured or unstructured operational data. Run ML backed analytics to gain real-time actionable insights, build visualizations and make quick decisions.

Our service offerings:

Data Lake Consulting: Identify and analyze existing data sources. Decode specific business needs to devise relevant strategy. Build customized data management solutions report and recommendations.

Data Lake Development: Design a centralized data lake solution to consolidate and catalog any type of raw data. Build architecture with automated EL/ELT pipelines. Develop and deploy secure, scalable and robust data lakes.

Data Lakes Migration: Collect, retain and integrate data from existing varied sources including databases, data warehouses, applications and other real-time streams. Develop an on premise or cloud migration solution and seamlessly implement migration pipelines.

Data Lakes Support: Build a robust framework for design and performance optimization of existing data lakes. Perform compaction or reorganization activities for better maintenance. Smoothly manage any change requests and implement design changes to meet requirements.

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Data Lakes

Data Migration.

Seamlessly migrate your data from one platform to another, from on-prem to cloud, from legacy systems to new systems, from legacy enterprise platforms to new modern data architecture.

Our service offerings:

Cloud Migration: Move your data center capabilities into AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. Migrate all your applications from an on-premises location to the cloud or from one cloud environment to another.

Legacy Data Migration: Manage change of application software or vendor. Migrate your legacy application data from one computing environment to another irrespective of distinctive data models or data formats

Database Migration: Move your data in a risk-free manner from one DBMS to another or upgrade it from the current version of a DBMS to the latest version of the same DBMS.

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Data Migration

Proven track record.

95% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

  • J P Morgan
  • Ernst & Young
  • LexisNexis
  • Schlumberger
  • DHL
  • IDB
  • Xerox
  • Aventis
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Dominos


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Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal Bhambhani

Sr. Vice President, Sales

Bachal represents HitechDigital in North America, and helps client and our production teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

Bret Pranham

Brett Parnham

Vice President, Sales

Brett, Vice President for Europe, is based in London. He assists HitechDigital’s executive leadership team in reinforcing partnerships and in building long-term relationships with clients across the continent.

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