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AI & Automation

Process Improvement in a Digital World

Automate, simplify, and scale business with process redesign, intelligent automation and AI Learn More »
Automation Solutions

Data Analytics

Create Data-driven Digital Enterprises

Drive higher operational efficiency, deliver better customer experiences and grow revenue Learn More »
Business Intelligence & Analytics

Engineering Solutions

Product Engineering, Analysis and Simulation

Get access to pool of skilled engineering resources, reduce cycle times to model high quality custom products Learn More »
Engineering Solutions

BIM Solutions

Collaborative and Scalable Building Engineering

Design your building collaboratively, reduce design time and construction costs through effective BIM Integration and implementation Learn More »
BIM Solutions

Business Process Management

Building Scalable and Flexible Operations

Launch products faster and improve operational agility with end to end process management Learn More »
Business Process Management

Service Overview.

Hitech is an Integrated Engineering Consulting and Business Process Solutions organization specializing in process improvement and optimization. We partner with you from assessment to execution to improve cycle times and reduce costs by identifying functions that can be automated, digitalized or outsourced.

Our passion is data and digital technologies. Our mission is architecting solutions that improve key business outcomes at project, service or enterprise levels. Combining technology, consumer insights and domain knowledge, we map and enable your digital transformation journeys from automation, analytics-supported product or process re-design to data monetization.

Our success is measured by the positive impact we can bring to your organization. We win when you win.

  • AI and Automation AI and
  • Engineering Solutions Engineering
  • BIM Solutions BIM
  • Business Process Management Business Process
  • AI and Automation

    Hitech helps you to exponentially increase operational efficiencies, unlock the value of your data and achieve lean, agile operations focused on market responsiveness. Our offerings include:

    Data Analytics

    Leveraging our deep domain expertise, we transform big data into business intelligence and actionable insights creating superior business outcomes. »

    Text Analytics

    We use deep learning and neural networks to identify and extract meaningful insights from unstructured text gathered from a range of online sources. »

    Intelligent Automation

    With AI-powered intelligent automation, we help to modernize legacy systems and process massive chunks of documents and web-based data with accuracy and agility. »

    AI and Automation
  • Engineering Solutions

    Hitech offers integrated engineering and design services and optimizes product design processes across its Life Cycle. Our offerings include:

    Conceptual Design & Development

    Improve across the full spectrum of product development activities, optimizing both product and process offerings through our solutions. »

    Detailed Engineering

    We transform your concepts into production-ready designs, helping you achieve up to 40% reduction in cycle times and costs while ensuring scalability and flexibility. »

    Engineering Analysis & Simulation

    Through our CFD and FEA services, we facilitate overall design optimization, enable product functionality validation and perform root cause failure analysis. »

    Design Automation

    Ensure exponentially improved margins and process efficiency when you consult us for implementing CAD customization and automation processes into your workflows. »

  • BIM Solutions

    Hitech is a multidisciplinary BIM consulting organization, providing end-to-end building design solutions to clients worldwide. Our offerings include:

    BIM Consulting

    We work collaboratively and innovatively to create a BIM roadmap and assist in making a smooth transition from legacy processes to integrated BIM workflows, leading to maximized ROIs. »

    BIM Modeling & Clash Resolution

    Transform your architectural, structural and MEPF concept ideas into detailed, integrated and coordinated Revit BIM models and construction documentation through our services. »

    Construction Simulation

    Visualize entire projects and optimize planning by leveraging our expertise in taking out 3D models in IFC format and producing simulations linked to a construction work schedule. »

    Cost Estimation & Quantity Takeoff

    Linking project data with cost data from diverse sources, we deliver BOQs and cost estimates, speeding up the bidding phase and helping you achieve higher ROIs. »

    Point Cloud Modeling

    We convert point cloud data (as-built condition) into editable 3D Solid BIM models and as-built drawings through our expertise in Scan to BIM (including mesh modeling). »

    Structural Steel Detailing

    Our services include 3D models, shop drawings, erection drawings and structural steel take-offs along with specification sheets, parts breakdown and fixing details. »

    Structural Concrete Detailing

    Hitech’s BIM detailing experts convert your structural designs and sketches for precast, prefabricated and Formwork projects into detailed Revit 3D BIM models. »

    BIM Automation

    We exponentially improve productivity and quality by automating repetitive tasks and minimizing document errors across your building design process. »

    Business Process Management
  • Business Process Management

    Hitech provides end-to-end data solutions from data acquisition and aggregation to analytics, optimizing processes and creating impact. Our offerings include:

    Data Aggregation

    We create, validate, update, enhance and enrich databases for e-businesses, digital marketing agencies and market research firms. »

    Data Annotation & Labeling

    We fully managed data annotation services train your AI and machine learning models to interpret input sequences accurately and clearly. »

    Image Editing & Retouching

    We provides customized image editing and retouching services to harness the full potential of your photos as a marketing tool. »

    BI & Reporting

    We help unlock the value of data lying in disparate sources. Our solutions enhance business visibility on markets, customers, product performance and competition. »

    Social Media Insights

    Gain actionable insights for improving products, services, customer experience, and reputation management through our social listening, sentiment analysis, and intent analysis solutions. »

    Data Entry & Processing

    Partner with us for end-to-end process management from digitizing repositories of data stored in scanned or paper files to processing and organizing the data. »

    Engineering Solutions & Analytics

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