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We believe digital transformation is the key to accelerating your success.

As a leading global provider of data, engineering and business process services, we deliver innovative digital solutions that enhance operational efficiencies and accelerate business growth. We partner with you to improve profitability and reduce costs. Our vertical industry focus empowers us to deliver scalable and flexible solutions that address your distinct challenges. A diverse and global workforce and deep industry knowledge enables us to innovate and drive excellence across your business.

We measure success by the positive impact we bring to your organization.


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  • AI and Automation Data & Analytics
  • Engineering Solutions Engineering
  • Business Process Management Business Process
  • Data & Analytics Solutions

    HitechDigital specializes in transforming businesses through innovative digital solutions. We have decades of experience in optimizing processes and enhancing operational efficiency for a wide range of industries. Partner with us to power up your journey of digital transformation.

    Data Analytics

    We leverage our deep domain expertise to optimize your data assets. We transform big data into business intelligence and actionable insights for superior business outcomes. more +

    AI & ML Services

    We build, train and fine tune AI and ML models, pre-trained or from scratch, for your specific data analysis needs in any industry sector, from CX and marketing to manufacturing and real estate. more +

    Data Annotation

    We offer high quality data annotation and labeling services for text, image, video, and 3D data, helping you save costs and time, and boost AI and ML model reliability. more +

    Intelligent Automation

    We help you modernize your legacy workflows and processes with intelligent automation using ML, custom bots, AI, automated scripts, plugins, and advanced analytics. more +

    Data Engineering

    Our data engineers help you build powerful, scalable data architecture with data pipelines, storage, data lakes and warehouses optimized for fast and accurate data analysis. more +

    Data Aggregation

    We collect, validate, update, enhance and enrich data for e-businesses, digital marketing agencies, market research, real estate, and other industry sectors. more +

    Data Entry & Processing

    We offer end-to-end data entry services, from digitizing data stored in scanned or paper files to processing, organizing, and structuring the data for entry to databases. more +

    BI and Reporting

    We provide customized dashboards for a unified view of your data, visualization manipulation and business intelligence analysis with data tracking and reports. more +

    AI and Automation
  • Engineering Services

    HitechDigital offers integrated engineering and design services and optimizes product design processes across its Life Cycle. Our offerings include:

    Mechanical Design Services

    We streamline and accelerate your design-to-manufacturing cycles with production-ready drawings leveraging CAD platforms and design automation tools. more +

    Building Engineering Services

    Our BIM experts provide end-to-end building design and engineering solutions from consulting and design to detailing, modelling and onsite-offsite support. more +

    BIM Solutions Analysis
  • Business Process Management

    HitechDigital provides end-to-end data solutions from data acquisition and aggregation to analytics, optimizing processes and creating impact. Our offerings include:

    Procurement Management

    Manage vendors, costs and sourcing with structured workflows and intelligent automation; get a unified view of all supply chain data like delivery schedules, inventory, spend categories, etc. through intuitive dashboards. more +

    Graphics and Image Editing

    We provides customized image editing and retouching services to harness the full potential of your photos as a marketing tool. more +

    Engineering Solutions & Analytics

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95% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

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