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Video Annotation and Labelling

Businesses aiming to utilize video intelligence for their computer vision models are often confronted with challenges due to inconsistent annotations, subjective interpretations, vast volumes of footage, and scalability issues.

HitechDigital, a leading video annotation company, provides specialized video annotation and labeling services tailored to meet the unique needs of your computer vision projects. Our skilled video annotators offer a range of services including frame extraction and analysis, object detection, recognition, contextual description, optical flow annotation, instance segmentation, and more, enabling seamless scalability.

Employing methodologies such as frame-by-frame labeling, video classification, event-based timestamp labeling, live stream monitoring, and video moderation, we construct training datasets to train your deep learning models. Our comprehensive datasets encompass labeled and tagged object segments, contextual descriptions, scene depictions, optical flow annotations, and instance-wise segmentation.

We prioritize quality assurance through rigorous audit mechanisms and validation techniques. By continuously improving our processes and adhering to industry standards, we ensure the highest level of security, accuracy and reliability in annotated video data.


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Video Annotation Service Offerings.

Tailored video annotation techniques to power your AI and ML models for diverse needs

Bounding boxes

Bounding boxes

Use rectangular boxes to define specific areas and track objects across frames, helpful in object recognition, motion tracking, and behavior analysis in videos.

Polygon annotation

Polygon annotation

Plot points on each vertex and drawing precise multi-sided shapes around objects to capture complex contours, enhancing accuracy in object detection and tracking.

Semantic segmentation

Semantic segmentation

Examine video frames and classify each pixel into categories, creating detailed, pixel-level understanding of scenes for advanced object recognition and scene analysis.

Keypoint annotation

Keypoint annotation

Identify specific points on objects, capturing movement and posture in detailed analyses, crucial to detect body features and include facial expressions and emotions.

Landmark annotation

Landmark annotation

Use points to mark critical points on objects or features, enabling precise measurements and tracking of structural changes or movements over time.

3d cuboid annotation

3d cuboid annotation

Draw three-dimensional boxes around objects, to track objects and provide spatial context and dimensions, crucial for depth perception and object interaction analysis.

Success Stories.

More than 95% of our clients are recurring, a testament to the unwavering trust and satisfaction our services consistently deliver.

HitechDigital’s annotation and labeling solutions worked wonders for us. They not only provided high-quality text annotations, but also saved us time and resources.

Operations Head, Construction Technology Company, Germany

Thanks, HitechDigital, for best-in-class image annotation services moving through multiple stages of audit and review of labeled data.

Vice President, Operations, Californian Technology Company

Our Customers.

How we annotate data.

Understanding the process

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Applications of Video Annotation.

Diverse Use Cases of Video Annotation across Industries


  • Enhance diagnostic accuracy
  • Improve treatment methods
  • Guide surgical procedures

Autonomous Vehicles

  • Detects objects and pedestrians
  • Identify lanes and road markings
  • Interpret traffic signs and signals


  • Monitor and manage crops
  • Precise planting, watering, harvesting
  • Monitor behavior and health of livestock

Retail and E-Commerce

  • Analyze customer behavior
  • Manage shelf-stock and inventory
  • Detect suspicious behaviors

Security and Surveillance

  • Detect unusual activities
  • Track individuals in real-time
  • Recognize faces or objects

Sports and Entertainment

  • Track athletes’ movements
  • Analyze player performance
  • Identify potential injury risks


  • Enable robots to recognize objects
  • Monitor compliance and safety protocols
  • Program robots to perform precise tasks

Finance and Insurance

  • Monitor customer interactions
  • Property and damage inspection
  • Assess risk and process claims

Education and Training

  • Create interactive educational materials
  • Develop AI-driven tutoring systems
  • Design automated assessment tools.

Video Annotation FAQs.

What is video annotation, and how does it differ from image annotation?

Video annotation involves labeling objects or events in video frames, enabling machine learning algorithms to understand dynamic scenes. It’s an extension of image annotation, considering the temporal aspect of data.

What types of video annotation services do you provide?

We offer various video annotation services including object tracking, action recognition, temporal annotation, event recognition, and 3D video annotation, catering to different AI and ML applications.

How do you handle complex actions or events in video annotation?

Our experienced annotators carefully analyze video sequences, ensuring accurate labeling of complex actions or events. Detailed annotation guidelines and iterative feedback processes are employed to maintain precision.

Can you annotate videos in different formats, such as MP4, AVI, or MOV?

Yes, we can annotate videos in different formats, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and applications.

Do you provide annotation services for 3D video data?

Yes, we offer 3D video annotation services, including depth estimation, 3D objects tracking, and spatial annotation, supporting applications that require three-dimensional understanding.

How do you ensure consistency across frames in video annotation?

We implement frame-to-frame consistency checks and annotator training to ensure labels are consistent across frames, crucial for accurate object tracking and event recognition.

What annotation tools and technologies do you use for video annotation?

We use a combination of manual annotation by experts and specialized video annotation software, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in labeling dynamic scenes.

Can you handle large-scale video annotation projects, including long-duration videos?

Yes, our infrastructure is scalable to handle large-scale video annotation projects, including long-duration videos. We ensure timely and accurate annotations even for extensive video datasets.

How do you handle sensitive or confidential video data during annotation?

We adhere to strict data security protocols, including secure data transfer, limited access, and confidentiality agreements, ensuring the protection of sensitive video data throughout the annotation process.

What is the typical turnaround time for video annotation projects?

Turnaround times vary based on project complexity and video duration. We work closely with clients to establish realistic timelines and ensure timely delivery of annotated videos.

Do you offer post-annotation support, such as data validation and quality checks for video annotations?

Yes, we provide post-annotation support, including data validation, quality checks, and re-annotation if necessary. We ensure the annotated videos meet the desired quality standards for seamless integration into AI and ML applications.

Can you annotate specific elements within videos, like facial expressions or object interactions?

Yes, our annotators are skilled in annotating specific elements within videos, including facial expressions, object interactions, and other nuanced details, enabling precise analysis for AI and ML models.

What is the cost structure for your video annotation services?

Our pricing depends on factors such as project complexity, annotation type, video duration, and required turnaround time. We offer competitive and transparent pricing tailored to specific project needs.

Do you provide consulting services to help clients design effective video annotation strategies for their projects?

Yes, we offer consulting services to assist clients in designing effective video annotation strategies, ensuring the right annotation methods are applied to meet project requirements and objectives.

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