Manufacturing Execution System

Transform your manufacturing operations

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Get end-to-end visibility into plant operations and performance

Track and monitor every operation from release of purchase order and invoicing to production and dispatch. Digitally transform your processes in a connected environment to unleash higher efficiencies. Seamlessly integrate with other applications and business systems to visualize and run all critical operations from a single dashboard from anywhere.

Improve Production Performance

Improve Production Performance

  • Monitor operational KPIs from anywhere, anytime
  • Ensure seamless production scheduling
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Optimize asset maintenance cost
Enhanced Product and Process Quality

Enhanced Product and Process Quality

  • Increase consistency with real-time quality checks
  • Track and trace scrap and rejects
  • Improve documentation and compliance
  • Deliver goods first time right and minimize recalls
Optimized Inventory Management

Optimized Inventory Management

  • Minimize stock-outs and inventory pileups
  • Avoid high inventory storage costs
  • Track plant inventory in real-time
  • Balance demand and supply through accurate forecasts
Real-time Visibility & Automated Insights

Real-time Visibility & Automated Insights

  • User-friendly dashboards with role-based interface
  • Business system integration for holistic view
  • Automated alerts and notifications on trouble spots
  • Unified view with a single data source for better decisions

Drive manufacturing excellence with customizable & configurable MES modules

Production Scheduling & Planning

  • Recommend production schedules to meet fluctuating demand and prepare for change
  • Generate accurate deadlines
  • Ensure maximum up-time on your shop floor
  • Infuse process agility
  • Minimize inventory carrying costs
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Production Scheduling & Planning

Process Management

  • Raw material procurement to finished goods process digitization
  • Track KPIs like OEE, product quality, machine errors, uptime etc., in real-time
  • End to end traceability of all your assets across the value chain
  • Get alerts to track work-in-progress and minimize order delays
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Process Management

Quality and Compliance

  • Customized visualization of quality metrics like first pass yield, defects, reject ratio, etc.
  • Reduce product defects
  • Get alerts of anomaly detection
  • AI-driven quality modelling and simulation
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Quality and Compliance

Workforce Productivity

  • Measure workforce productivity at granular level
  • Discover hidden causes affecting throughput and quality
  • Correlate labor metrics with OEE, Lead time, cycle time etc.
  • Gain insight on competencies for right resource mapping and evaluation
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Workforce Productivity

Inventory Control

  • Get granular real-time visibility so that you know what you have, where it is stored and when to order
  • Facilitates “just-in-time ordering” to optimize the total cost of inventory
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Inventory Control

Asset Performance Management

  • Reduce unplanned downtime through predictive maintenance
  • Reduce maintenance cost with just-in-time maintenance
  • Optimize energy consumption
  • Improve machine health and conform to safety standards
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Asset Performance Management

Dispatch & Delivery

  • Complete documentation for delivery and dispatch; proof of delivery report upon job completion
  • Automated dispatch scheduling; pending and overdue dispatch and delivery reports
  • Club multiple deliveries for better route optimization to save time and money
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Dispatch & Delivery

Explore the HitechDigital MES Features.

  • Customized Solution

    Customized Solution

    Our flexible and highly bespoke solutions match your organizational needs, time and budget. From order and production to delivery and dispatch, our tailored solutions help to reduce your costs and meet timelines – while adhering to quality benchmarks.

  • Accessible Anywhere Anytime

    Accessible Anywhere Anytime

    Here is an easy-to-use and highly connected cloud-based system that can be set up quickly with no on-premise installation. Our on-the-go MES system lets your users manage operations across functions from any location, any device and at any time.

  • Scalable System

    Scalable System

    Our MES solution is designed to meet the business needs of the future with scalability in mind. We seamlessly accommodate your growth and expansion needs without any disruption to existing functions.

  • Seamless Integration

    Seamless Integration

    Every module in MES integrates with ease with your legacy business systems for consistent and optimized data flow to enable real-time informed decision making, cohesive action and transparency.

  • Intuitive Dashboards

    Intuitive Dashboards

    Visually interactive dashboards give you real data time insights into functions across operations. Leverage customized user-defined reports and analytics to track, monitor and analyze asset performance trends, manpower utilization, inventory levels etc. to take proactive and corrective actions.

  • Alerts and Notifications

    Alerts and Notifications

    Get notified in real time about trouble spots and glitches on the shop floor. With SMS and email-based alerts and notifications, empower your users to take quick action to decrease machine downtime and maintain streamlined production.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

    Periodical and ongoing maintenance of the solution makes sure your MES operations are up and running- always. Incremental and regular back-up of your data stored securely on the cloud ensures business continuity. And yes, an expert technical team is ever ready to support your operations 24*7.

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“Smart and satisfying- HitechDigital’s solution has worked wonders for regularizing our energy consumption and allowing us to explore dynamic cost-based pricing models. Definitely a go-to solution for asset monitoring.”

Divyesh Patel Divyesh Patel Director, Harambha Steel

“We’ve always trusted HitechDigital for technology solutions. Working as an extension to our engineering expertise, HitechDigital has successfully improvised our efficiencies and competitiveness to a great extent.”

Paul VanDuyne Paul VanDuyne President & CEO- IMEG Corp.

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Get real-time visibility across the manufacturing value chain to drive operational efficiency, streamline production scheduling and optimize inventory costs.

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