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Timely and reliable intelligence on property pricing, trends, patterns and performance fuels smarter decisions across geographies.

Real Estate Analytics

Realtors have traditionally made decisions based on intuition and retrospective data. In the absence of real estate market intelligence, it is a challenge to assess which property to purchase and the right time to develop it. Unaware of real estate trends and patterns on market performance they end up losing great investment opportunities – or invest wrongly.

HitechDigital’s global property research team of 300+ data professionals dedicatedly works towards providing information on more than 155 million U.S. properties across 3,000 counties with intelligent forecasts. To keep a tab on market pulse, our certified data analysts assist you with a variety of interactive dashboards in the form of charts, graphs, and infographics with pre-configured real estate market trends and objective analysis.

Our data experts leverage programmable scripts and macros to capture, validate and enrich data in real-time to give you a drill down view of property information from national right down to street and local level. We use Machine learning backed NLP algorithms to append property datasets with customer reviews and the latest buzz from social media.

Insightful reports give you an understanding of property characteristics, an early view of critical property trends and indicate real estate price fluctuations to make smarter business decisions.


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Real Estate Market Intelligence.

We identify your daily research requirements and ensure its prompt delivery, reducing your risk and suggesting best possible options in your decision-making process.

  • Quarterly and monthly data and analysis on rents, yields, capital values, vacancies, starts, net additions, and net absorption.
  • Comprehensive data and analysis to identify local trends and variations within each city or a region.
  • Analyze complex data from macro Level right down to the individual project level to track housing metrics.
  • Dashboards with details right from local authority to post code district level with attributes of data drill down, click through selection and downloads in CSV, PDF or Image format.
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Thanks to data professionals at HitechDigital for comprehensive data which helped in identifying local trends and variations. Our customers are really happy and satisfied.

– Chief Product & Technology Officer, Canadian Real Estate company

Property Price Indices.

Our property data, predictive analytics and integrated risk-management insights backed with end-to-end automated workflows help you mitigate risks.

Our service offerings:

  • Combine millions of transaction data records with information on locality, property characteristics, demographics, etc. to produce granular sub-market indices.
  • Forecasts by scenario, historical datasets, quarterly market monitoring, economic data, and tables of latest investment, leasing, and pipeline information.
  • Time series forecasting to understand where property markets and sub-markets are headed.
  • Short term predictions and seasonal variations with Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) models.
  • Predict future property prices using price indexes and data of GDP, unemployment, inflation, interest and mortgage rates, stock market indices, FX rates, etc., with Vector Autoregression (VAR) and Vector Error Correction Models (VECM).
  • Property Cluster analysis to identify data patterns and determine which groups are likely to perform similarly or differently.
  • Regular analytical reporting at regional, country, and city levels, plus thematic Topic Papers.
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Today we are able to offer insights on prices of properties as they change over time. HitechDigital has done a wonderful job for us.

– Executive Vice President, Go-to-market Strategist, Australian Real Estate Company

Property price indices, Housing intelligence

Housing Sentiment Analysis.

Human supervised machine learning approach to know housing sentiments by region, age, income and profession, property preference and price range.

  • Analyze sentiment of homebuyers at a country or state level, about a particular property or group of properties, home builder, features expected by income or age groups or multiple other parameters.
  • Market Survey: Structured survey and structuring of data to questions about home buying and selling conditions, income gains and job concerns, and house price and mortgage rate expectations.
  • Social listening: Analyze the data from a variety of media, such as social media, customer reviews, mass media including newspapers and television, and business data from questionnaires and call centers.
  • Machine learning for open-text responses and conversations to identify and monitor how optimistic homebuyers are for purchasing or renting of home.
  • Classify whether a homebuyer’s sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral. To show whether a consumer is happy, sad, distressed, satisfied, etc.
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Cheers to the entire team of HitechDigital. The report is really impressive and has been brilliantly carved. Thanks for putting up efforts to help us in assessing how customer mind-sets are changing.

– Managing Director, Chief Strategist, Real Estate Company, Nevada, USA

Housing Sentiment analysis

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