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8M+ property records aggregated with 99.5% accuracy create a robust database for global energy data analytics company

8M+ property records aggregated with 99.5% accuracy create a robust database for global energy data analytics company Banner

Client Profile.

The client is a Texas-based land and real estate verification company. It delivers robust and accurate title records data through a technology-enabled platform to title companies, attorneys, investors realtors and financial institutions. It provides insights into important details of real estate and mineral rights transactions lying with county courthouses.

Business Need.

To maintain a comprehensive, accurate and close to real-time updated database of land records and leasing information, the technology company aggregated millions of data points like deed, deed of trust, assignments, etc. from title documents resting with different courthouses in the USA.

The scope of work was very high in terms of:

They partnered with Hitech to put in place a seamless and agile on-going land records data aggregation process to populate its database.



Initially, Hitech data specialists implemented a structured workflow for multi-sourced manual data capture from county courthouses documents, cleansing, validation and upload in excel spreadsheets. We developed an automated quality check validation tool to spot and rectify formatting, data validation and compliance errors in the spreadsheets.

The client then transitioned to an in-house application. They were so happy with the performance of the custom validation tool that they incorporated it into their application.

Hitech continues to populate cleansed and validated property data in the new in-house application. Detailed weekly reports are also shared to provide granular visibility across key production metrics.


Hiring and Training

Data Extraction

Quality check


Tools and Technology used- Windows Virtual Desktop and Customer Data entry application

Business Impact.

8M+ records updated till now
99.5% database accuracy achieved
Cost optimized due to high efficiency and seamless processes
Data accuracy enabled compliance conformity
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