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Simplify complex data extraction at scale

A powerful web scraping tool that automates data capture from online sources with ease and accuracy

Enabling easy and scalable data extraction to deliver data the way you want it

Set up smart automation to scrape data from sources like websites with multiple levels of navigation, social media profiles, local business directories, and similar internet sources.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

No coding or scripts required. Configure project by just providing web locations and page navigation for web data extraction. Easy selection of different types of data sources.

Ease of deployment

Ease of deployment

I-scraper can be deployed in cloud or on-premises. Cloud based delivery provides flexibility to scrape and store data in cloud, while on-premises model provides the controls to manage the environment.

Scalable & flexible

Scalable & flexible

Access disparate web sites with complex structure at back end. Extract data from multiple websites simultaneously. Auto scheduler within i-Scraper provides flexibility to scrape data at desired frequency.

Extensible & secured

Extensible & secured

Easy to integrate with any database or applications through API for exporting extracted data real time. The advanced application architecture provides robust, secured, and scalable operations.

Advanced algorithms

Equipped with Machine learning algorithms, i-Scraper can pull data from multiple websites in no time. With built in support to extract data from websites on different platforms, it can scrape data from complex security levels.

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Scalable and Flexible

Auto scheduler

Robust and agile web watcher attribute in i-Scraper monitors every single data update in near real time to notify the need of data capture. Data scraping at scheduled intervals is also possible.

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Auto scheduler

Built in support

Get structured, machine-readable data sets in CSV and JSON formats. Scrape data from tables and maps. For customized requirements, you can use reusable data type definitions (or templates?) to scrape your first website.

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Built in support

Dynamic IP rotation

Leverage dynamic IPs and dynamically positioned Geolocated Rotating Proxies to override complex restrictions and extract data from multiple online sources without getting banned

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Dynamic IP rotation

Just 3 Simple Steps



  • Create your project in web-based i-Scraper
  • Configure web page crawling map
  • Set up data extraction fields


  • Extract data in the format of your choice such as CSV, JSON, etc.
  • Cleanse and validate the data
  • Schedule your auto data at defined intervals


  • View data using Tableau, Google sheets, Excel etc.
  • Secured API connector pushes data to other systems and applications
  • Get analytical insights on entire extraction process
  • View analytical insights through intuitive interface
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