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Simplify complex data extraction at scale

A powerful web scraping tool that automates data capture from online sources and unstructured documents with ease and accuracy.

Enabling easy and scalable data extraction to deliver data the way you want it

Set up smart automation to scrape data from sources like emails, websites, e-commerce portal product pages, social media profiles, local business directories, and everything accessible via the internet. Use custom APIs, and scrape big data from all available channels to gain deep insights.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

APIs integrate extracted data to any business system or application- whether on premises or cloud

Dynamic IP Rotation

Dynamic IP Rotation

Leverage dynamic IPs to navigate complex restrictions to extract data from millions of online sources

Built-in Support

Built-in Support

Download extracted data and export to various formats like JSON, CSV, HTML and XML

Reusable Extraction Templates

Reusable Templates

Capture unstructured data and seamlessly mine required data points using reusable extraction templates

Scalable and Flexible

  • Scrape data from millions of web pages using thousands of keywords
  • Enables data pull in seconds
  • Access multiple websites at same time
  • OCR capability to extract text from image and non-readable pdfs
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Scalable and Flexible

Ease of Use

  • No coding or scripting knowledge required
  • Built in support for HTML and XML pages
  • Collect data from multiple pages
  • Auto scheduler fetches data at regular intervals
  • Convert unstructured data into structured and searchable format
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Ease of use

Extensible and Secured

  • Plug in new functionalities without major changes
  • Integrate extracted data with other business systems
  • API-based connectors ensure security during data transition and flow
  • Dynamic IP rotation
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Extensible and Secured

Just 3 Simple Steps



  • Create your project in web-based i-Scraper
  • Configure web page crawling map
  • Set up data extraction fields


  • Extract data in the format of your choice such as CSV, JSON, etc.
  • Cleanse and validate the data
  • Schedule your auto data at defined intervals


  • View data using Tableau, Google sheets, Excel etc.
  • Secured API connector pushes data to other systems and applications
  • Get analytical insights on entire extraction process
  • View analytical insights through intuitive interface
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