Customer Analytics

Enrichment and segmentation of 100,000+ company profiles monthly with multiple demographics drives personalized and targeted marketing for Californian video communication company.

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Customer Analytics

Do you know who your customers are, what their likings are, their buying triggers or the time of the year they are most likely to hit the purchase button? Are your marketing campaigns driven by intuitive insights? Data-driven customer insights help you reach out to the right customer with the right message at the right time on the right platform.

HitechDigital offers tailored customer analytics solutions to meet your specific marketing needs and build engaging experiences across the customer journey. We segment massive amounts of customer data gathered from multiple touchpoints based on demographics, psychographics, responsiveness etc. to help you drive personalized conversations and improved acquisition. Meticulous tagging and indexing of the customer records builds rich 360° profiles of your customers for targeted campaigns. You get a single integrated view of your customer data with drill down analytical insights into behavior, sentiment, feedback and pain points to improve loyalty and reduce churn.

Our bespoke AI-driven configurable customer analytics models are backed by deep-domain knowledge across industry verticals, best-in-class technology and a strong business solutions team. Using various techniques such as data visualization, predictive modeling and intelligent segmentation we help you unlock deep insights from millions of data points, into your customer buying habits and preferences. The drilled down actionable insights are visible on intuitive dashboards plugged into your CRM.


Personalization and meaningful conversations.


Conversions & improved Marketing ROI.


Retention of high value customers.


Customer experiences across channels.

Unlock data-driven insights on what your customers need, why and when-for effective marketing gains.

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360° Customer Profiling.

Create clearer pictures of your customers’ personae based on preferences and choices to drive targeted marketing across channels.

Our service offerings:

  • Create an ideal customer profile using demographic, technographic and behavioral data points.
  • Consolidate various customer data and behavioural insights based on customer history, interactions, order details, invoicing, emails, feedback and reviews, etc. from multiple sources.
  • Integrate multiple data points into a single database with various fields and create a single view of all customer profiles. Get deeper insights into target markets.
  • Use intuitive dashboards for visibility into metrics like company size, employees, industry, region etc. Produce extensive profile reports.
  • Understand and predict customer behaviour through analytical insights and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.
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The team at HitechDigital has really focused on our demands. They are perfectly maintaining quality and accuracy of the data that goes in our CRM each month.

– VP of Marketing, Global Video Communication Company, USA

Customer Segmentation.

Segregate your customers based on demographics, psychographics, responsiveness and value for better engagement and improved retention rates.

Our service offerings:

  • Collate and segment customers from a large pool, based on similar interests, needs, age groups, etc. and adopt customized marketing strategies for each segment.
  • Identify most profitable customer groups by combining CLV-based segmentation, behaviour and demographics that leads to maximization of marketing ROI.
  • Use predictive customer scoring model to target groups from existing database, based on their positive and negative behavioral indicators.
  • Devise customized strategy and plan of action for account-based marketing for positive scores and customer satisfaction analysis for negative scores.
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Working with HitechDigital was fantastic. They helped us segment our customer records pretty much accurately. We can count on them to deliver projects on time and with quality.

– Director, Corporate Marketing, Financial Data Services Company, Europe

Customer Segmentation

Churn Analysis.

Evaluate your company’s customer attrition or loss rate by assessing product performance and customer usage patterns. Identify data-driven strategies to improve customer retention.

Our service offerings:

  • Detect the most difficult to retain customers in your existing database using Machine Learning models.
  • Create a customer-scoring strategy and implement it for large volumes of customer data collected from primary and secondary sources.
  • Assign relevant scores based on the probability of customers’ departure. For example, use key criteria like industry, company size, need, and purchase history to evaluate corporate accounts.
  • Deploy a churn prediction model to identify scores for various customer profiles.
  • Conduct sentiment analysis of customer emails, feedback, reviews, conversations and service records to tap current satisfaction levels for your products or services.
  • Predict customer attrition to your competition and recommend the right actions to be taken for different customer groups.
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We thank HitechDigital for the outstanding job you did to analyze our churn rate. This is just what we wanted and we are thrilled at the speed of your response.

– Director, Sales & Marketing, FMCG Company, USA

Churn Analysis

Look alike Modeling.

Identify and reach out to possible customers – who look and act like your ‘ideal’ target group. Seek and easily convert people who have similarities with your target group.

Our service offerings:

  • Identify key customers that match your ideal customer profile and are most likely to convert using advanced Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Use programmatic, paid, social and search engine tools and behavioural data to discover larger pools of similar audience to increase your base of like-minded customers.
  • Identify and score attributes for high, low and average market penetration. Group several look alike groups based on their scoring into ‘Best Performers’ and ‘Undecided prospects’.
  • Calculate Market Penetration Index of several target groups for its actual market penetration and use Z-scores to cross-check statistical validity of these results.
  • Use intuitive graphics for lookalike profiles for ease in decision making.
  • Continually feed in updated data to algorithms to assess market penetration, measure segment performance and optimize segmentation approach with time.
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Whether it was mining out patterns from our data or understanding the behavior insights of our audience- the HitechDigital team was always available to support our needs.

– Principal Product Marketing Manager, Consumer Goods Company, USA

Look alike modeling

Predictive Customer Scoring.

Quantify and score the value each customer brings to your organization through data-driven insights.

Our service offerings:

  • Integrate customer data from multiple business and other systems including CRM, emails, chats, social media, etc. into a centralized database. Standardize, cleanse and add missing information.
  • Use custom tools, scripts or human intelligence to segment your customers based on socio-demographic, psychological and behavioral groups factoring in age, gender, location, interests, opinions, purchase history, etc.
  • Score/assign values to each of your customer groups based on pre-defined criteria and rank them in accordance to the value they bring to the company.
  • Using multiple analytical models, understand patterns and trends in customer data to predict inactivity among low performing segments and identify high-performing customer groups.
  • Create automated and prioritized lists for relevant follow-ups, up-selling and cross-selling. Use rules-driven insights for customized messaging.
  • Deploy easy-to-use web interface, intuitive reports and dashboards to monitor customer scoring in real-time and take pre-emptive actions.
  • Accurately predict and forecast customer value using advanced analytics and algorithms to predict performance, identify patterns and drive higher ROI on customer strategies.
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The team at HitechDigital has really focused on our demands. They are perfectly maintaining quality and accuracy of the data that goes in our CRM each month.

– VP of Marketing, Global Video Communication Company, USA

Predictive Customer Scoring

Proven track record.

95% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

  • J P Morgan
  • Ernst & Young
  • LexisNexis
  • Schlumberger
  • DHL
  • IDB
  • Xerox
  • Aventis
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Dominos


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Service Leadership.

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal Bhambhani

Sr. Vice President, Sales

Bachal represents HitechDigital in North America, and helps client and our production teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

Bret Pranham

Brett Parnham

Vice President, Sales

Brett, Vice President for Europe, is based in London. He assists HitechDigital’s executive leadership team in reinforcing partnerships and in building long-term relationships with clients across the continent.

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