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Coordinated and clash-free 3D MEP BIM models reduced RFIs and streamlined installation of MEP utilities for a national park project in USA.

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MEP BIM Modeling

Lack of project visibility, information gaps and poor coordination between various MEPF disciplines lead to faulty installation of MEPF components, project delays, and cost overruns.

MEP BIM experts at HitechDigital convert your 2D drawings into information-rich 3D BIM models to ease onsite installation through better detailing, increased visibility, and higher stakeholder coordination. By integrating Revit MEP models with architectural and structural models, we identify, inspect, report and eliminate soft and hard clashes. Our MEP coordination services ensure error-free onsite installation and reduce rework. As a further quality check, we run each clash-free coordinated BIM model through a series of validation processes to ensure technical integrity and content accuracy of the model.

Our teams specialize in assembly and piping spool drawings for prefab and installation, conversion of schematic drawings to 3D models, advanced Revit MEP content creation and BIM Project/Template setup for MEP systems.

HitechDigital’s track record of successfully executing 300+ MEPF projects of varying complexities for residential and commercial sectors across 50+ countries is built on strong expertise and domain knowledge. We automate repetitive MEP tasks and accelerate model creation through customized visual scripting and Dynamo backed automated BIM workflows. Our MEP BIM modeling services, tailored to meet specific project and client requirements, are compliant with global standards including Cobie, NBS, RIBA, and ISO 19650.

Clash-free 3D MEPF Models

Coordinated 3D MEPF BIM models resolve conflicts, reduce iterations and enable seamless onsite installation.

Precise Quantity Takeoffs & Estimates

Improve bidding accuracy with precise quantity take-off, scheduling and cost estimation of MEPF systems.

Reduced Change Orders

Visualization into the project at pre-constructions stage reduces change orders to save on project cost and time.

Better Onsite Planning & Safety

Clash-free 3D MEP models improve spatial planning and component location for better onsite safety.

Enhance MEP project design and construction with data-driven solutions for effective construction

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Mechanical or HVAC Modeling.

Our mechanical BIM services include stable coordination about the given structure based on clash-free 3D BIM modeling and design validation.

Our service offerings:

  • Mechanical Duct Modeling: HVAC equipment or mechanical component modeling for duct layout & fittings, based on submittals or cut-sheets, mechanical layout drawings, schedules & schematics detailing. For heating and ventilation systems placement plan as per AC system layout.
  • Precise Mechanical Quantity Takeoffs: Accurate 3D model-based Quantity Takeoffs for ducts, fittings, diffusers, equipment, etc.
  • Detailed Drawings: Detailed information extraction from 3D models to prepare drawings and layouts for HVAC Duct, piping & cooling systems.
  • Walkthrough: High-quality rendered visuals of mechanical models and MEP presentation walkthroughs for clients.
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The construction had already started and we were looking for a reliable BIM partner. HitechDigital’s BIM modelers went that extra mile to answer all our questions. Our client still praises the accuracy of the HVAC layout that helped them in their routine maintenance activities and budget allocation.

– CEO, Project Management Solutions, Saudi Arabia

Electrical Systems Modeling.

We offer 3D MEP modeling and electrical BIM services to electrical contractors to achieve complete connectivity between various trades and BIM electrical design services as per global standards.

Our service offerings:

  • Electrical Modeling: Custom modeling of electrical lighting fixtures like cable trays, CCTV, lighting, fire alarm services etc.
  • Precise Electrical Quantity Takeoffs: 3D model-based Quantity Takeoffs for electrical components-lighting fixtures, cable trays, switches.
  • Accurate Drawings: Detailed information extraction from 3D models to prepare electrical riser drawings, lighting circuit drawings, cable and wiring drawings, electrical panel drawings, cable tray layouts, etc.
  • Walkthroughs & Presentations: High-quality rendered visuals of electrical systems and BIM model presentation & walkthroughs.
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We are thrilled to have found a group like HitechDigital. The standardization of electrical routing systems provided by the BIM modelers ensured hassle-free onsite installation. We look forward to a long and bright future together.

– Building Contractor, USA

Plumbing Modeling.

We provide plumbing contractors with high-quality plumbing BIM design and quick turnaround times for deliverables like water pipes, drainage systems, gas piping and drawings, etc.

Our service offerings:

  • Piping Modeling: Boiler, steam, and process piping modeling that includes hot/ cold water piping.
  • Plumbing Routing: Connecting various plumbing systems like vents, storm drains, etc. to achieve the best routing layout possible.
  • Gas Piping: Industry-compliant gas piping modeling and layout for compressed air and fuel gas piping.
  • Drafting Solutions: 2D drafting and layout for domestic water systems and drainage layout, natural gas piping, shop drawings, isometric & sectional drawings.
  • Plumbing Quantity Takeoffs: Precise Quantity Takeoff’s to reduce wastage of plumbing accessories, pipes, fixtures and fittings.
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BIM modelers successfully nailed the “information exchange dilemma”, which ultimately resulted in effective delivery of the plumbing project. The 2D drafting and detailed plumbing drawings with accurate Quantity take offs ensured seamless onsite installation at our hotel.

– Architectural Firm Owner for Hotels & Hospitality, USA

Fire Protection Modeling.

We assist fire safety contractors and subcontractors to create visual security frameworks via 3D BIM models, design codes and firefighting systems to ensure smooth and hazard-free installation and operation of fire systems.

Our service offerings:

  • Fire Systems Modeling: Design validation and support for fire systems with layouts based on 3D models & systems including sprinklers, extinguishers, valves, pressure gauges, hangers, hydrants, foam systems.
  • Fire Protection Drafting: Construction drawings for fire safety and firefighting that include placement of water outlets, fire hoses, etc.
  • Fire Protection Design Code and Standards: Accurate and coordinated 2D drawings from 3D models reinforced with design codes and standards with TAC fire protection and sprinkler systems manuals, NFPA 14 for standpipe and hose system, NFPA 13 for installation of sprinkler systems, NFPA 72 for national fire alarm codes, NFPA 2001 for clean agent fire extinguishing systems.
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HitechDigital helped us gain a hazard-free site with efficient fire drafting and modeling as per Fire protection standards. We can now demonstrate superior fire protection capabilities to building owners on every single project we undertake.

– Architectural Planning and Designing Firm, India

Proven track record.

95% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

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