Social Housing Maintenance Management

NEN2580 compliant digital twins created for Netherlands-based Social Housing Corporation saves 18% on facility management costs.

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Social Housing Maintenance Management

The onus of providing affordable and qualitative facility management services to the social housing sector rests on your shoulders. Government compliances also need to be met.

How well you manage your building assets is dictated by the granular visibility into your housing properties. Legacy 2D sketches are not just inaccurate but also lack the detailing and in-depth visualization required to take informed maintenance decisions. Information-rich digital twins hold the key to informed and efficient asset management.

HitechDigital works with you to increase efficiencies in facility management across your real estate portfolio. We build content rich three dimensional BIM models of each of your properties with meticulous design and detailing. Along with IFC-compliant CAD drawings and NEN2580 reports mandated by the government of Netherlands, we deliver a rich digital asset portfolio to aid intelligent and data-driven decisions across every spectrum of property management and maintenance.

Our detailed 2D floor plans help commercial and residential tenants and owners get an accurate valuation of their property through calculations on Gross Floor Area (GFA), Net Floor Area (NVO) and Rentable Floor Space (VVO).

Our track record of successfully delivering thousands of BIM modelling projects to a global clientele builds on over a decade’s experience and the expertise of 200+ BIM specialists. Multiple layers of quality and validation checks ensure high levels of model accuracy and reliability. We deploy Dynamo scripts and Macros to automate repetitive tasks, accelerate workflows and increase accuracy. Our automated workflows ensure that your digital twins are updated and in sync with the latest data through integration with various systems.

3D Digital twins.

We help social housing organizations, property management companies and building owners build a true digital description of various building assets. Our provisions in 3D digital twins include 3D BIM modeling, 2D Floor Plan Creation, Data validation and enhancement, Information linking, and optimization.

  • Full BIM design support to enhance transitional, final, and technical design, and create smart 2D to 3D conversion based on various LOD and complete BIM library support.
  • Provision of greater insights into existing building portfolios supported by digital asset management and BIM-based maintenance and space management.
  • Property owners and social housing associations can leverage digital tools to create precise and detailed 2D plans for housing renters.
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NEN 2580 Measurement Reports .

We help commercial and residential tenants and owners get an accurate valuation of their property and ensure that they are NEN 2580 verified. NEN 2580 measurements or certifications validate building surface area in the Netherlands through specific definitions, designations, and procedures.

  • NEN 2580 for residential properties: Certification of high-quality requirements and measurement reports as specified by NEN 2580.
  • NEN 2580 for commercial properties: Total assistance for owners to achieve commercial NEN 2580 certification with accurate measurements of facility and installation spaces, horizontal and vertical traffic density, and exterior spaces. We provide reports with accurate calculations for office and workspace areas, facility areas, installation rooms, outdoor spaces etc.
  • Complete assistance for accurate and detailed BVO, NVO, GO, VVO: We provide residential owners with accurate calculation on Gross Floor Area, Net Floor Area, Usable Area and Rentable Floor space.
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NEN 2580 Measurement Reports

BIM/Models Maintenance .

We help you manage, maintain and keep your Digital Twins updated with the latest information or digital threads that connect the digital and physical world. Predicting future performance and eliminating issues before they occur is achieved through perpetual data updates and management.

  • Building portfolio management: We help building owners and social housing organizations to maintain digital assets effectively by helping them to incorporate any updates in the existing properties. We also generate digital twins and NEN reports for any new properties added in their portfolio.
  • Third-party application integrations: We help integrate BIM models with other third party applications FM software or property management software to capitalize on the digital assets of the buildings.
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BIM/Models Maintenance

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