GIS-Enabled Parcel Mapping

Property parcels with geospatial information empowers real estate aggregator with visually enabled property information

270,000 GIS enabled parcel maps created with 98% accuracy

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GIS-Enabled Parcel Mapping

Construction permits, city and county limits, tax parcels, Zoning districts, lot sizes and property characteristics are constantly changing. And with this parcel maps also need to change. Any Government program such as real estate taxation, affordable housing, opportunity zones or floodplain information that is founded on inaccurate parcel data leads to unreliable analysis and incorrect decision making.

HitechDigital’s parcel mapping solutions integrate GIS spatial data with property data enabling you to join geographic data to polygons, visually map neighborhood, plot legal descriptions, and manage public data publications. We add depth and breadth to your parcel data making it ready for geospatial analysis and visualization. Our data specialists use a drill down approach from country level down to municipality records to capture, validate, key-in and index hundreds of land parcel records.

Configurable business rules maintain survey records and Geocodes, track parcel history for zoning, property size, addresses, and features to ensure parcel data integrity. Smart algorithms ensure timely scraping of current and accurate parcel data and deliver it in industry standard geographic system format and shapefiles.

Your parcel data files are maintained in formats which easily integrate with existing map-oriented applications like online listing portals, research tools, business intelligence, public safety, and demographic applications. These files also support analytics models such as site location analytics and risk analysis which require highly accurate location information.

Configurable Business Rules

Enforce and maintain data quality and models based on parcel type behavior.

Round-the-clock Operations

Seamless preventive operations with maintenance and incident management.

Technology-backed Workflows

Leverage easily configurable and custom workflows for 2D, 3D or 4D parcels.

Geospatial Systems Integration

Manage location data and identify geographical patterns.

Gain actionable intelligence from your geospatial data!

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Parcel Data Management.

Effective processing and managing of parcel data integrated with layers of spatial information to help you visualize and identify patterns and trends.

  • Display maps showing boundary lines of target and surrounding properties with relevant parcel specific data.
  • Display parcels on a jurisdictional map and correlate to current zoning, proposed zoning under review, and planned zoning areas.
  • Utilize detailed metadata to join your geographic data to specific polygons, enabling dynamic visualizations and geospatial analysis.
  • Perfectly matched polygons to adjacent boundaries to clearly visualize the entire world. Detailed boundaries edge-matched throughout zoom levels.
  • Property characteristics augmented with location and geoenrichment to append additional property characteristics like longitudes and latitudes and geographic coordinates down to counties, cities, neighborhoods, subdivisions, highways, roads and street addresses, school attendance zones, School scores, Crime rates, Natural hazard risk, Environmental hazards, Points of Interest etc.
  • Use of BI platforms like PowerBI or Tableau for multiple worldviews for all boundaries to have full control over disputed borders.
  • Customized parcel data for data aggregation and geospatial analysis capabilities.
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Your team has done a fantastic job in helping us process huge volumes of parcel data. Your capabilities are commendable and we look forward to a continued partnership.

– Executive Vice President, Real Estate Company, United Kingdom

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