Order Management Solutions

Transform your order to cash operations with scalable, flexible and customized order management workflows.

Order Management

Poor visibility, mismatched accounts, lost shipments, and delayed deliveries can disrupt your strategic planning, and severely impede your ability to manage high-volume orders and complex logistics. HitechDigital’s order management solutions help you deliver the right product, through the right channel, with the speed and convenience you need and the outstanding customer experience you expect.

HitechDigital supports your entire order-to-cash process through scalable and seamless order processing, inventory management, and order fulfillment services. Whether you manage a high volume of global shipments with complex logistics, or are just starting out with low order volumes, we orchestrate customized solutions ideal for manufacturers, e-commerce businesses, retailers, and wholesalers.

Our 300+ experienced specialists excel in handling diverse and high-volume orders. From sales order estimation and order processing to inventory management, invoicing and shipping, our services tackle all your order management challenges. Using automated workflows and human intelligence, we process thousands of transactions every minute, optimizing response time, scale, and performance.


Accuracy of orders processed


Skilled resources working 24*7


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Turnaround across project complexities

Unlock peak performance with HitechDigital’s advanced order management solutions.

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Order Management Service Offerings.

Optimize order to cash processes, drive cost efficiencies, and implement digital controls for excellence in O2C project outcomes.

Sales Order Estimation & Quoting

  • Customer Master Data Management
  • Vendor sourcing
  • RFP for vendors
  • Compare vendor proposals, analyze costs
  • Cost estimation and Quote development
  • Proposal and contract management

Order Processing

  • Order authentication and validation
  • Order entry
  • Standardize & centralize order data from multiple channels
  • Manage order modifications
  • Order tracking and stakeholder update

Order Fulfillment

  • Inventory monitoring & alerts
  • Demand planning / Inventory optimization
  • Supplier order processing
  • Shipment documentation
  • Shipment tracking & carrier coordination
  • Reporting alerts for any changes/delays
  • Managing rebates & chargebacks

Sales Invoicing & Receivables Management

  • Automated sales invoicing & indexing
  • Receivables tracking & management
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Customer account management
  • Invoice dispute resolution
  • Payment reminder system

Product Returns & Warranty Management

  • Claim receipt validation & authorization
  • Service order creation
  • Creation of credit notes
  • Claims root cause analysis
  • Customer query resolutions
  • Customer feedback management

Reporting, Insights & Analysis

  • Open line item reporting
  • Margin report by shipment
  • Profitability report by production site
  • Outstanding PO report
  • Aging & bad debt analysis
  • Customer analysis

Center of Excellence Setup

  • Process standardization
  • Process improvement
  • Process automation
  • SLA & KPI reporting
  • CSAT analysis
  • Management dashboards

Success Stories.

More than 95% of our clients are recurring, a testament to the unwavering trust and satisfaction our services consistently deliver.

You guys make up a great billing team. Always striving to do better and always looking to learn new work projects.

Angela Maiden, Supervisor, NJ Billing – QAX Updates & Billing CMO Processing, USA

Logistics team made a serious positive progress on all sides. Team improved in communication, performance, proactivity approach, etc. International logistics team is better than ever we look further for constant improvements.

Martin Rybecky, Global Scheduler and Planner, Innovairre Logistics, USA

Our Customers.


Which ERPs and business systems does your order management solution best integrate with?

Our solution integrates seamlessly with various systems, enhancing data flow and process automation. It works smoothly with SAP (including ECC and S/4HANA), covering finance, operations, and CRM. We also have strong integration with Oracle ERP Cloud for finance, procurement, and project management. Our solution is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365, supporting modules like finance and CRM. It’s tailored for NetSuite, ensuring efficient handling of ERP, CRM, and e-commerce.

We integrate with Infor ERP, known for industry-specific features in manufacturing and healthcare. Our integration with Epicor ERP boosts efficiency in manufacturing and retail. For smaller businesses, we work well with QuickBooks, aiding in financial management. We also integrate effectively with Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, and can create custom solutions for businesses with unique or legacy systems.

Which industries have you worked with?

We have worked with a wide variety of industries, such as eCommerce, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, to enhance their order management processes. Our broad experience gained from working with these sectors provides us with the expertise and skills transferable to numerous other industries.

How does your real-time order tracking system work, and what kind of updates and notifications can we expect?

Our order management system tracks orders from start to finish, beginning with confirmation and ending with fulfillment. It digitally records every step, including inquiries, quotes, purchase orders, fulfillment, invoicing, and returns.

For real-time tracking, we link our system with your sales channels and logistics to capture orders instantly. We use advanced tech to update order status at every stage, from confirmation to delivery, and connect to inventory and warehouse systems for up-to-date stock and progress info.

Our customers get immediate order confirmations, processing updates, shipping and tracking details, delivery estimates, and delivery confirmations. They’re promptly informed of any delays and given clear instructions for returns and refunds. We also personalize how they receive updates (like email or SMS) and choose the frequency of these notifications.

What specific steps do you take to verify proof of delivery documents?

We primarily use electronic proof of delivery systems. When a delivery is completed, the recipient’s signature is captured digitally, along with the time and GPS location. In some cases, we also use photo evidence of the delivered items at the destination as additional verification. We routinely cross-check the electronic POD data with reports from the delivery personnel to ensure consistency and accuracy.

How do you ensure the accuracy of order data?

We use tools like barcode scanners and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to cut down on manual typing and mistakes. For important info that needs manual input, we have two people enter the same data separately. Our system then checks for any differences. We conduct regular audits and quality checks of the data in our system, comparing it with original documents to make sure everything’s correct. Our teams are trained to check for common mistakes to avoid. Governed by data validation rules, our systems immediately spot and flag odd or inconsistent data, helping us fix mistakes early on.

What sort of reports can I expect? Can you customize them as per my business needs?

We prepare customizable reports that fit each client’s unique needs. First, we figure out what specific information and key performance indicators (KPIs) are important for your business, beyond the standard reports we already provide. Our team can create custom reports that focus on your business goals and operations. These reports can pull together data from different areas like order processing, inventory, customer interactions, and shipping.

You can get these reports in various formats like PDF, Excel, or interactive dashboards, and choose how often you want them – daily, weekly, monthly, or just when you need them. We can automate these reports for convenience. They can be in real-time, giving you the latest insights. You can also set specific parameters and filters to focus on what’s important to you. Our reports can be interactive, with clickable details, and include analysis like trends and predictions to help you make smart decisions.

Do you offer a trial period for your services?

Yes, we do offer free trials to help you gain confidence in our services and help you evaluate our team’s capabilities, understand how we work as an extension to your existing team, and assess the overall impact on your order management workflow.

During the trial, our team will work closely with you to ensure smooth integration and to provide any necessary training and support.

Which factors do you consider in your cost-benefit analysis for comparing vendor proposals?

In the process of choosing vendors for outsourced order management we consider several key factors to pick the best for our clients. We look at the vendor’s pricing, including hidden costs and potential for increases. We evaluate the quality of their service, their industry experience, and their ability to handle tasks like ours. It’s important that their technology can integrate with ours and that they meet our service level agreements and compliance standards.

We also consider their support and maintenance quality, assess any risks involved, and check their flexibility and ability to scale services. Delivery timeframes and the potential for a long-term partnership are also crucial. Our goal is to choose vendors who provide value, quality, and align with our long-term goals, ensuring top service for our clients.

What is your process for distributing and collecting responses to RFPs? How do you ensure accurate evaluations?

Our RFP handling process is client focused. Our goal is to provide detailed, accurate responses that exceed client expectations. First, we distribute the RFP to the right departments using a centralized system to ensure expert review. Each department sends in their cohesive response. These are compiled into one document, which undergoes a quality check for accuracy and clarity. Our multi-tier review process, including a scoring system, ensures we meet all client requirements. We always seek feedback after submission for continuous improvement and make sure to submit our responses on time.

Service Leadership.

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal Bhambhani

Sr. Vice President, Sales

Bachal represents HitechDigital in North America, and helps client and our production teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

Milind Patel

Milind Patel

Sr. Director, Engineering Consulting

Milind heads the Engineering Consulting division. He focuses on continuous process improvements, team development, and smooth delivery on client KPIs.

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