Nehal Amodia

Director, Aeronavigation Services

A photographic portrait of Nehal Amodia

We are committed to fostering organizational growth through strategic innovation and team empowerment, surpassing client expectations and always staying at the forefront of aeronavigation excellence.

About Nehal

Nehal Amodia has strategically led HitechDigital’s Aeronavigation division for over 15 years, transforming it from a modest 5-member project into a robust and expansive team comprising over 225 aeronautical engineers, pilots, and data specialists. Through adept resource management, implementation of innovative processes, fostering excellent client relationships and a commitment to continuous improvement, Nehal has not just maintained a competitive edge for the division but consistently elicited a WOW! rating from clients.

Nehal’s leadership style is distinguished by her focus on cultivating a collaborative culture to build high-performing teams. Before her tenure at Hitech, Nehal applied her project planning and management expertise to support NGOs addressing women empowerment issues.

She actively spearheads multiple employee committees at Hitech, focused on promoting holistic employee health well-being. Nehal holds a master’s degree in business administration with a specialization in finance.

Areas of focus

  • People Management
  • Operational Scalability
  • Client Relationships
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