Deepti Banthia

Principal Partner

A photographic portrait of Deepti Banthia

At the heart of Hitech is a steadfast commitment to an employee-centric ethos and social responsibility.

About Deepti

Deepti Banthia is the Principal Partner of HitechDigital Solutions. She prioritizes employee wellbeing, empathetic leadership, and social responsibility, guiding HitechDigital’s activities to align with the company’s vision and core values.

Deepti is driving force behind the culture at Hitech. In shaping the company’s work environment, Deepti merges professionalism with empathy. She oversees corporate events, ensuring they are not only well-executed but also enjoyable, reflecting HitechDigital’s people-first brand. Deepti’s cultural savvy helps her connect meaningfully with employees, clients, and guests, helping to strengthen the company’s brand image.

Deepti champions Hitech’s CSR initiatives through AntarDhwani, focusing on health, education and community engagement to create a positive impact on society.

Areas of focus

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Corporate Events
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