Bachal Bhambhani

Sr. VP, Account Management, Americas

A photographic portrait of Bachal Bhambhani

We foster partnerships that thrive on mutual growth. Looking beyond delivering solutions, we co-create success stories, defining our journey by the shared victories of our clients.

About Bachal

Bachal, Senior Vice President, represents HitechDigital in North America. He has consolidated responsibility for client engagement and business development. With a proven track record in strategic planning and in driving partnership initiatives, Bachal helps client and home teams collaborate effectively so that HitechDigital consistently delivers improvements to client KPIs from an operations perspective.

He brings to the table over 25 years’ experience in working with global businesses, leading the product management and development activities of reputed U.S.-based companies. Prior to joining HitechDigital, Bachal was a Director of Product Management at Yahoo following a similar role at Info USA, a consumer and business database company based in Omaha, Nebraska.

Areas of focus

  • Product Development & Management
  • Project Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Scalability
  • Program Management
  • Strategic Partnerships
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