Pranit Banthia

Founder and CEO

A photographic portrait of Pranit Banthia

We are constantly reinventing ourselves, delivering upon the promises to our customers, and being agile enough to adapt to the evolving dynamics of our industry.

About Pranit

Pranit began his entrepreneurial journey in 1992 when he transformed his college project into a software services business. The company has grown to a global consulting services provider, a team of 1200, with a focus on Engineering Process Transformation and Business Process Management.

He spearheads strategic planning for growth, innovation and operational excellence. Pranit has architected HitechDigital’s Lean approach to drive continuous improvements across operations and projects leveraging analytics, AI and automation to transform client experiences in a 4.0 world.

He also leads several philanthropic endeavors through his organization Antardhwani. Established for assisting people with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), a rare form of arthritis, it has helped over 1,000 patients, and represents India in Ankylosing Spondylitis International Federation’s council.

Areas of focus

  • Customer satisfaction and Delight
  • Operational Excellence
  • Digital Transformation
  • Process Excellence
  • Leadership Development
  • Culture and Change
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
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