Saibal Mitra

Vice President, Data Science & Process Excellence

A photographic portrait of Saibal Mitra

We are committed to leveraging innovation and the power of data-driven insights for driving excellence, user-centric growth and enhanced efficiencies.

About Saibal

Saibal’s three-decade experience as a technology business leader in IT, AI and Analytics spans the USA, Europe, APAC, & India. At Hitech, Saibal spearheads teams of data scientists & engineers, automation experts, and AI innovators to drive customer-centric growth through innovative digital transformation initiatives. Before joining Hitech, Saibal held significant leadership roles at Xerox, Pyramid, and Sonata Software.

Saibal specializes in CX & CJ, Growth & P&L, Analytics & AI, Product & SaaS, Process Excellence, BTM & OKR. He has won awards in Business Excellence and the Malcolm Bridge for Innovation in Quality, among others. Saibal holds a postgraduate degree in Information Science & Statistics from Stanford University.

Outside of work, Saibal is deeply passionate about the arts. He is an avid theatre actor and takes great interest in painting and sculpting, particularly in creating surrealistic artworks.

Areas of focus

  • Digital Transformation
  • Agile and Lean Processes
  • Delivery Excellence
  • TQM
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