Data Hygiene Management for B2B Data Aggregators

Omni-channel data sourcing and multi-layered validation checks drive comprehensive, accurate, current and updated B2B database for US-based B2B data aggregator.

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Data Hygiene Management for B2B Data Aggregators

With business addresses and phone numbers changing by the hour, CEOs and decision makers shifting jobs and new businesses being formed every 30 minutes, the threat of data decay and database deficiencies pose a constant challenge for B2B data aggregators.

At HitechDigital, we acquire and authenticate business profile data from diverse online and offline sources that go beyond the obvious to ensure your databases remain current and comprehensive. We pay special attention to data on new mergers, start-ups, SMEs and unorganized sector entities that are not readily available, and validate the data through multi-layered checks before populating them into your database. As part of our enrichment process, we continuously monitor, re-validate, update and append your existing contact data with new demographic, firmographic, sociographic and technographic inputs.

To manage the overwhelming tide of diverse data and faster decay, we conduct ongoing database health audits in integrated environments using a blend of human research, machine learning, AI, robotic process automation, custom rules and algorithms, and augmented intelligence.

Close to three decades of data management spanning over a 1,000 projects and millions of records have helped us implement best practices across projects of varying complexities. We have successfully addressed the ever-present issues of data decay to consistently meet quality benchmarks of over 99% accuracy. Data that passes through our processes is current, valid, and actionable.

Decay-resilient and Current

Database monitored, validated and updated round the clock so your data stays current.

Accurate and Validated

99.5% accurate data supported by built-in data quality validations and scripted business.

Comprehensive and Exhaustive

Human and machine intelligence scour open and obscure data sources to create an all-inclusive data.

Cleansed and Standardized

Cleansed to weed out duplicates, junk characters, outliers or wrong entries in the data.

Let current, validated and enriched data drive your business!

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B2B Database Maintenance.

Using a string of validation checks and update mechanisms we ensure that your database remains current, enriched and actionable at all times.

Our service offerings:

  • Use AI and ML-backed workflows to validate and update database records in real time.
  • Schedule automated track and monitor mechanisms to trigger alerts for any changes in existing data.
  • Using extensive web research and other data sources, we identify and revise irrelevant, inaccurate, incomplete, invalid, or obsolete data.
  • Manual and rule-based validation for postal address, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Audit the database regularly against key database performance metrics.
  • Flush out redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data from the database using checklists-based approach to improve database performance.
  • Deploy smart data backup to facilitate timely data recovery and availability and secure your data against unforeseen events.
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We’ve worked with HitechDigital for over a year now and it’s been fantastic. They have shown a lot of expertise in keeping our database current and updated.

– Operations Head, B2B Legal Services Provider, USA

Data Acquisition.

We build robust and comprehensive databases with profiles of high value clients sourced from easily available as well as obscure sources adding hundreds of data points against each profile.

Our service offerings include:

  • Omni channel raw data harvesting using web scrapers and manual web research to capture and enrich records with firmographic, technographic, demographic and behavioral data points.
  • Multi-layered validity checks including human verification to ascertain authenticity of data harvested.
  • Filter through millions of interactions, social media profiles, user posts etc. to extract the most correct value for a given data element.
  • Tag and segment profiles for easy filtering based on company metrics such as employee count, annual revenue, top-level executive information, technologies in use etc.
  • Seamlessly integrate data captured from different sources to enable an agile, integrated data repository.
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The team at HitechDigital puts in incredible efforts to collect data from every possible source. Thanks to them, we can boast of a very comprehensive and all inclusive database. Moreover, the accuracy of our records is unmatched.

– Senior Manager, B2B Data Aggregator, USA

Data Enrichment.

Make your sales and marketing campaigns and funnels more effective by qualitative and quantitative data enrichment.

Our service offerings include:

  • Automatically enrich leads to power smarter lead scoring and routing, and personalized email campaigns.
  • Add 100+ data points including demographic, firmographic, sociographic and technographic details to your contact database.
  • Combine first party data from internal sources with disparate data from other internal systems or third-party data from external sources.
  • Append contact data with emails, phone number, title, role and other persona-based details from business directories, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Enrich company records with NAICS, SIC, location, year started, financials, employee size, line of business etc. for easy segmentation.
  • Add financial information from annual filings, general meetings, business reports etc.
  • Append marital status, income, postal data, latitude, longitude and customer addresses for geographic and demographic enrichment.
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We continue to enjoy our partnership with HitechDigital. They were proactive from the start, know their job well and are consistently focused on our data related needs.

– VP (Operations), Global Private Equity Firm, USA

Proven track record.

95% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

  • J P Morgan
  • Ernst & Young
  • LexisNexis
  • Schlumberger
  • DHL
  • IDB
  • Xerox
  • Aventis
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Dominos


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Service Leadership.

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Bachal Bhambhani

Sr. Vice President, Sales

Bachal represents HitechDigital in North America, and helps client and our production teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

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Brett Parnham

Vice President, Sales

Brett, Vice President for Europe, is based in London. He assists HitechDigital’s executive leadership team in reinforcing partnerships and in building long-term relationships with clients across the continent.

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