Image Editing and Retouching

Thousands of edited and retouched property images for digital catalogs in less than a 12-hour cycle increased conversions for USA-based photography company.

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Image Editing and Retouching

From fashion, entertainment and property to furniture and consumer durable images – the cost of lack-luster photos is high enough to cripple revenues and user experience. Every business needs alluring product images to entice customers into taking that first step towards conversion. Adeptly edited and retouched photos hold the key to achieving image brilliance.

HitechDigital provides customized image editing and retouching services to harness the full potential of your photos as a marketing tool. We bring focus to an image, remove distractions, highlight key subjects, and show products in their most appealing light. Through multiple photo editing techniques like clipping, cropping, resizing, background and noise removal, color correction, masking etc., we enhance the marketing value of your collaterals.

Over the past two decades, we have worked with clients across the globe to enhance and transform over 10M images. Whether it is using property enhancement techniques, adding vibrancy to fashion images, highlighting jewelry intricacy, creating depth for footwear photos or capturing the magic of wedding extravaganza – delivery excellence is our norm. A team of 100+ photo editing specialists ably supported by channel partners helps us accommodate fluctuating volumes and meet hyper short turnarounds.

Leveraging a range of photo editing tools like Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Autodesk 3DS Max; blended with our deep domain experience, calibrated monitors, and seamless workflow has helped us consistently surpass client expectations.

Project Flexibility and Scalability

Accommodate shifting business requirements

24-hours Turnaround

Teams working across shifts and time zones

Consistent Delivery Capabilities

Technology & domain expertise and experience

10,000,000 Images Enhanced

Over two decades across industries and geographies

Increase conversions and brand recall value with captivating images.

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Ecommerce Product Photo Editing.

We help ecommerce portals and sellers with clean and high-resolution images that entice the right target audience to increase sales.

Our service offerings:

  • Product photo cleaning: Remove stains, dust and dirt specks or glare to show your product at best angles and with optimum features.
  • Photo color correction: Create realistic color corrections or product variations to produce multiple product versions from a single image.
  • Hollow man mannequin effect: Digitally remove mannequin from photos to precision to keep product as sole focus in the frame.
  • Background removal: Erase the cut-outs, silhouettes, or knock-outs and replace it a subtle, realistic background for the product images.
  • Aesthetic image editing: Create depth, dimensions, shadow and contrast to lend effect. Adjust lighting to fix exposures, create mirrored finishes and highlight certain features.
  • 360-degree display: Present photos from different angles for 360-degree display. Keep uniformity for glitch-free animation experience.
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HitechDigital team performed exceptionally well in catering to our image editing requirements. Quick turnaround time and consistent quality is what I would use to describe their work.

– Operations Manager, Swim School, United Kingdom


Real Estate Photo Editing.

Show property features in digital catalogs, property listing websites or offline brochures to create visual impact with real estate photo editing.

Our service offerings:

  • Perspective correction: Correct lens distortions along with vertical & horizontal property perspectives; focus on different angles and views.
  • Furniture clean-up: Populate room with relevant furniture & fixtures; remove misfits from frame. Cleanse to enhance focus on key features.
  • Panoramic photo stitching: Stitch multiple photos; adjust color, light, brightness etc. to evolve into a single panoramic image.
  • Sky replacement: Replace dull, grey or cloudy skies with clear blue ones; replace property exterior with grass, nature or cityscapes.
  • Interior color balancing: Remove white color imbalances to keep interiors realistic and accurate and achieve correct color temperature.
  • HDR photos: Increase overall appeal of the photos by blending the contrast and exposure evenly without affecting the image quality.
  • Virtual staging: Digitally stage the residential & commercial photo spaces. Remove clutter and add furniture or décor into property photos.
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A smart, innovative, dedicated and very well-organized team. The results from them are always amazing.

– Director of Property Services, USA


Fashion Photo Retouching.

Custom fashion retouching ups the glam quotient by perfecting light, removing shadows and elevating impact of fashion apparels and accessories.

Our service offerings:

  • Blemishes removal: Eliminate spots, scratches, skin blemishes and acne to give natural skin texture to models.
  • Skin smoothening: Get polished skin tone by smoothening facial lines, removing uneven tone patches and enhancing model’s facial features.
  • Eye bags and wrinkle removal: Retouch eyes, eyelashes, eye bags and wrinkles around eyes. Reduce redness and fix iris saturation.
  • Body sculpting: Retouch model’s body to make them look taller, shorter, slimmer or healthier based on need. Make apparels/ accessories look attractive on model.
  • Background editing: Change background color, context and modify the color saturation. Create natural-looking backgrounds.
  • Color correction: Adjust color temperatures, defects, stains and enhance colors for attractive photos in magazines, features, posters etc.
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We got to the right level of quality quickly. We are happy with the partnership and would like to increase work as we win new clients, improve output capacity and quality.

– Director, Fashion Footwear Company, Florida


Jewelry Photo Retouching.

For jewelry made of any materials, ranging from precious materials or gems can be retouched to make it shine better and look elegant.

Our service offerings:

  • Dust cleaning: With a digital sweep of the stone, remove specks of dust, dirt, scratches or reflections and restore the luster on the jewelry.
  • Base level adjustments: Give your jewelry a fresh look by setting up the curves, levels, saturation, hue and colors to edit the stone without compromising on the image’s integrity.
  • Digital masking: Inspect the cuts to see how to improve the shine and luster of the images. Brighten up or paint over on the metal and gemstones.
  • Color preservation: Add colors manually and paint the gem to make every inch look perfect and emphasize the shiny cuts of the stone.
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We are extremely pleased with the partnership that we have with HitechDigital. We receive quality work on a daily basis and they exceed our expectations every time.

– Vice President, Ecommerce Company, USA


Wedding Photo Editing.

Whether it is the rituals, background, light, weather conditions or noise in the wedding photos- everything needs to be tended to with care to create long lasting wedding album pictures.

Our service offerings:

  • Refined retouching: Our wedding retouching specialists spend time and efforts on shots with distracting power lines, poses, stragglers and remove unnecessary elements from the frame.
  • Artistic editing: Skillfully bring out clarity, textures and colors in the wedding photos. Keeping photos as real as possible, we highlight the central features like the bride, groom, family, friends, guests, rituals or surrounding landscape in each image.
  • High-end wedding photo retouching: Use advanced photo editing techniques like refined airbrushing and touch-up to eliminate flaws. Make the details and texture more prominent and colors more vibrant.
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HitechDigital always gets what I need. Excellent work from the team- on time and in budget. Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

– Wedding Photographer based in UK

wedding photo editing 1 before
wedding photo editing 1 after
wedding photo editing 2 before
wedding photo editing 2 after

Vehicle Image Manipulation.

Car dealers, part suppliers or mechanics can enhance the visual appeal for any automobile and attract more customers with vehicle image manipulation services.

Our service offerings:

  • Model missing parts: Retouch models and rebuild missing aspects in the vehicles to elevate or eliminate various elements.
  • Scratch removal: Clip, crop or remove scratch marks, dust, scuffs and any other markers from vehicle images. Reduce reflection to enable more prominence to the image.
  • Enhancing color: Adjust brightness, color, contrast, saturation, curves and hue to enable a fully comprehensive approach to perfect color balancing.
  • Correcting shadows: Manage shadow effects in vehicle images to bring right balance between light, contrast and shadow placement.
  • Text and touch-ups: Remove any unwanted decals and miscellaneous elements from vehicle images and add required text overlays.
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Very happy for the collaboration. Looking forward to continue this for the future.

– Chief Operating Officer, Car Dealership, Denmark


Proven track record.

95% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

  • J P Morgan
  • Ernst & Young
  • LexisNexis
  • Schlumberger
  • DHL
  • IDB
  • Xerox
  • Aventis
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Dominos


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Service Leadership.

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal Bhambhani

Sr. Vice President, Sales

Bachal represents HitechDigital in North America, and helps client and our production teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

Bret Pranham

Brett Parnham

Vice President, Sales

Brett, Vice President for Europe, is based in London. He assists HitechDigital’s executive leadership team in reinforcing partnerships and in building long-term relationships with clients across the continent.

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