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Collect and analyze data of software companies for potential investments and acquisitions

Collect and analyze data of software companies for potential investments and acquisitions Banner

Client Profile.

A leading global private equity and venture capital firm founded in 1995, which has raised more than $13 billion and invested in more than 250+ growth-stage software, internet, and data services companies.
Industry: Venture Capital


Client’s investment teams were required to meet thousands of companies each year, select a handful to invest in, supporting them with market insights and exposure to potential acquisitions and acquirers. Web research & analytics of data collected and de-duped, helped the client to expand their reach to software, internet and data services companies, globally.

Business Needs.

  • Reduce the time to decision.
  • Collect relevant data and convert it to actionable information.
  • Data consolidation required in-house teams to work double shifts.
  • To improve efficiency of investment teams working alongside companies to help them reach their growth objectives.


  • Statistics like revenue, profit, biographies of key persons were extremely hard to find.
  • Data consolidation from multiple sources in excel, where smallest of mistake meant complete rework.
  • Time and efforts spent in searching new companies went in vain, upon finding them in existing data base when de-duped.
Collect and analyze data of software companies

Hitech’s Solution.




Client reached out to leading software, internet and data service companies to invest in, for potential acquisitions.

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