Ongoing update and validation of over 2 million hospitality records creates high performing and robust database

Ongoing update and validation of over 2 million hospitality records creates high performing and robust database Banner

Client Profile.

The France based data aggregation and market intelligence company collects, analyzes, and manages hospitality data to help businesses win in the fragmented and fast-moving hospitality industry. Their sales acceleration solution turns prospects into customers with strategic targeting, informed sales conversation, enhanced sales and effective marketing campaigns for enhanced productivity.

Business Need.

The data aggregator company hosted voluminous data on its portal and was struggling with time consuming and costly task of maintaining high volume of records to keep the database constantly accurate and updated.

To have a robust and high performing database, they were looking to have an agile data standardization process to improve the quality of their data. This would include meticulous verification and validation of 14.5 million records with 50 attributes each, from across 60 countries, available on disparate data sources. The data sets would also need to be enriched and appended with latest information.

HitechDigital was approached to standardize, validate and enrich data fields with multiple complexities to help their clients increase market share and conversion rates.


HitechDigital’s Solution.

Developed and deployed a data consolidation framework and an automated data cleansing process using macros, scheduled bots and rule-based scripts to scrape and validate data, quality check it and prepare it to be sent to client.


After initial assessment of client’s existing data management process, team of data professionals at HitechDigital documented a workflow to expedite data collection, validation and enrichment using a mix of manual and automated steps.

The data sets were cleansed and enriched through a meticulous five-step process:

Check table:

Web research:


Audit and review:

Dispatch and delivery:

Technology Used.

Microsoft Excel, Custom tools, Macros, Bots and Scripts

Business Impact.

2 million verified records pushed into CRM every year
Increased accuracy of CRM database
Improved customer experience
Enhanced sales revenues and marketing ROI
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