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Point Cloud Modeling

3D Scan to BIM conversion with 10+/-mm accuracy saves project time for an As-built international broadcast centre in UK.

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3D Scan to BIM conversion with 10+/-mm accuracy saves time for an As-built international broadcast centre in UK.

Service Overview.

HitechDigital specializes in Scan to BIM or point cloud to mesh conversion, developing as-built BIM models and as-built drawings. We translate as-built scanned data captured by Faro, Leica, Truescan (and, optionally, photography and drawing templates) into architectural, structural and MEPF editable AutoCAD or Revit 3D solid models along with 2D CAD plans in your template.

Our experience includes complex projects such as underground tunnels and historical buildings, where data registry often lacks quality and scan files exceed 200 GB. Our teams have expertise in restructuring missing details based on engineering assumptions and reference images to deliver highly informative BIM models.

We use a variety of specialist tools or develop custom tools or macros to speed up the Scan to BIM processes in Autodesk® Revit® and deliver clash-free models.

Convert scanned data into 3D BIM models with +/- 10 mm accuracy

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Scan to BIM Modeling.

We offer information-rich as-built models from point cloud and scanned data for architectural, structural and MEPF disciplines for new construction, renovation or retrofit projects.

Our service offerings:

  • Point Cloud to As-built Architectural BIM Models: For floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, doors, windows, skylights, stairs, ramps, escalators, handrails and guardrails, plumbing fixtures, etc.
  • Point Cloud to As-built Structural BIM Models: For elements like columns, beams, supports, roof, stairs, balustrades, parapet, lintels, etc.
  • Point Cloud to As-built MEPF BIM Models: For mechanical equipment (ductwork, supply and return vents etc.), electrical components (light fixtures, switch locations etc.) and plumbing components (piping, sprinklers, etc.)
  • Point Cloud to clash-free/coordinated As-built model: For various disciplines/services.
  • Accurate FM-Ready As-Built modeling services: BIM support for creation of As-built models to enable seamless integration with FM tools.
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The accuracy and detail of the Scan to BIM 3D models provided by HitechDigital were impeccable. Their team of experts completed our project very efficiently within a short duration of time and even made our models FM ready.

– Project Manager, Laser Scanning Firm, Europe

Scan to CAD Drafting.

Scan to CAD drafting services including CAD conversion from scanned data and generating 2D layouts of architectural, structural, MEPF systems for various renovation and retrofit projects.

Our service offerings:

  • Point Cloud to Architectural Drafting: Drafting architectural drawings for various plans such as floor plans, layout plan, roof plans, elevation drawings, building/wall section drawings, reflected ceiling plans (RCP), site plans, landscape drawings, etc.
  • Point Cloud to Electrical Drafting: Creating 2D layouts of electrical drawings for floor lighting, floor power, fire alarm layout, floor sound system and CCTV camera, etc. from scanned data.
  • Point Cloud to Plumbing/HVAC Drafting: CAD conversion of Plumbing/HVAC drawings like HVAC ducting layout, sewerage and rainwater layout plan, plumbing construction details, etc.
  • Point Cloud to Structural Drafting: Generating 2D layouts of structural drawings like footing sections, column plan & column sections, plinth beams plan & beams sections, slab section, etc.
  • Point Cloud to Fire Protection Drafting: Drafting hazard-free fire protection layout plans for specific floors/sections of a building or structure.
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I would like to provide an additional bonus payment to HitechDigital for the work done so far on the CAD conversion project, for outstanding efforts put forth by the team. Their competencies in Scan to CAD drafting have directly uplifted the quality of the CAD designs.

– CEO, Surveying Company, UK

Satisfied Customers.

80% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

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Service Leadership.

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal represents Hitech in North America, and helps client and our production teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

Bhushan Avsatthi

Bhushan Avsatthi

Bhushan leads the BIM Consulting team with a focus on operations excellence through the integration of new technology and Lean techniques to enhance BIM practices and projects.

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