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Point Cloud to BIM LOD 400 for a heritage monument built in 16th Century, UK

Point Cloud to BIM LOD 400 for a heritage monument built in 16th Century, UK Banner

Client Profile

Laser scanning service provider company
Industry: BIM AEC industry


Monument built in early 16th Century with no design changes or retrofitting was one of the oldest buildings in the UK. In order to protect the traditional cultural identity of the building in line with contemporary renovation, maintenance, & facility management condition laser scanning was used to obtain 3D point clouds through 3D surveys measurements, which were then transposed into survey images and designed as an example of building model.

Business Needs.

  • Bring the existing structure into the 3D BIM process.
  • Digitized copy of the monumental building for renovation, maintenance, & facility management.


  • LOD 400 level detailing of 580,000 sq. ft. area within 2 month.
  • Record and retain architectural features of the monument.
  • Point cloud data of 200gb, required by the client in one single model.
Point Cloud to BIM: LOD 400

Hitech’s Solution.

A team of 8 BIM professionals, experts at Virtual Construction Modeling as well as reading scan data and converting these scan data into BIM Models started working on the point cloud to BIM conversion. Modelers at Hitech manually modeled the components right from the start by making cross sections, and Revit families which were parametric in nature. With a defined thorough QA/QC process, Checklist in place and use of plugins like Model Checker – Revit API, precise geometry in modeling was achieved.



Client Speaks.

The project was a stepping stone to the next level of BIM model and architects at Hitech assisted us in completing the project. We, along with Hitech or due to them, became a part of the prestigious restoration project of international importance.


LOD 400 Revit Model of the entire Building as per the existing condition

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