Professionally edited and retouched images for underwater infant portraiture enhances customer experience

Professionally edited and retouched images for underwater infant portraiture enhances customer experience Banner

Client Profile.

Biggest swim school based out of UK providing highly developed swim programs to over 50,000 pre-school aged children was looking for image editing expertise to post-process 4000+ portrait images every week.

Business Need.

The swim school was looking out to provide underwater infant portraiture to parents and caretakers. Given the voluminous requirement they needed an experienced partner with a scalable resource pool who could meet tight delivery timelines and adhere to quality standards in a cost-efficient manner.

  • 2-4 weeks turnaround time was to be reduced to 1 week
  • Establish an online distribution method to send thousands of edited images directly to end customers meeting all confidentiality guidelines.
  • Image editing experts to share review feedback with photographers on their work.

The Swim school approached HitechDigital for editing and retouching thousands of underwater infant portraits and sending those HDR quality images directly to end customers in shortest possible turnaround time.


The initial scope of work included editing and retouching thousands of images every week. Image editing team was required to design a workflow considering multiple and varied activities and guidelines:


The solution was initiated by coordinating with client’s photographers to understand their requirements in terms of color correction, noise reduction, retouching etc. Implemented the workflow to reduce the turnaround time from 2-3 weeks to an agile 05 days image editing and retouching cycle. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Lightroom were leveraged to post-process HD quality underwater portrait images. Final product had a list of edits/retouches done attached to it – to share feedback with the photographer who clicked the portrait.


Manually receiving, selecting and editing portrait images was not a cost-efficient, a cumbersome and error-prone way to handle the image editing project. We addressed the situation through an automated post-processing workflow; which even ensured seamless delivery of portraits to end clients.


Quality Check and Audit:


Software and Technology: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Light room, Adobe Bridge, Custom tools and technologies

Business Impact.

Turnaround time reduced from 2-4 weeks to 5 days
Reduced cost/image resulting in savings of overall image editing expenses
High quality images enhanced customer experience
Elevated brand equity and recall amongst customers
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