On-model apparel image editing and retouching at scale improves user experience and conversions

On-model apparel image editing and retouching at scale improves user experience and conversions Banner

Client Profile.

The leading product photo editing and retouching company helps retailers across the USA operating in the apparel, home goods, beauty, and toys space to maintain their digital catalogs and brochures. Their solutions were used to enhance personalized customer experience, drive significant time on site and conversions.

Business Need.

To help retail and fashion brands entice customers through captivating images, the client was required to edit and retouch 2,000 to 3,500 fashion apparel images daily to be used in digital catalogs and brochures. They approached HitechDigital for product image editing and retouching at scale using Photoshop.



Re-imagining the existing workflow and deploying different teams to deliver product images of various categories in 24 hours turnaround time following the lean methodology approach. Expertly edited product photos were delivered in PNG format, meeting client requirements of turning images from model to non-model, color correction, noise reduction, retouching etc.


Image editing specialists at HitechDigital designed and deployed a business rule-based human supervised post-processing workflow to receive, classify, select and edit fashion apparel images. It not only saved them time but reduced errors and fast tracked the entire process making it cost-efficient.

  • Rule based auto-classification of images in to high, medium and low editing requirements.
  • Basis this classification, product photos were assigned to separate teams of photo editors; depending on the need of normal editing and mannequin removal.
  • Edit photos according to end clients’ requirements including correcting color, lightening overly dark photos, enhance contrast, remove background distractions and much more.
  • Adobe bridge was leveraged for improving the overall quality of photo edits.
  • Bots routed edited photos to a multi-layered quality check process.
Ecommerce Image Editing

Quality Check

Software & Technology

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Custom tools and technologies

Business Impact.

2,000 to 3500 product photos made ready to use every 24 hours
Shortened photo post-processing cycle enhanced end client experience
Improved quality of digital catalogs and brochures increased conversions
Enhanced brand recall value and customer experience
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