Accurate & updated product specifications data for powersports superstore enhances conversions

Accurate & updated product specifications data for powersports superstore enhances conversions Banner

Client Profile.

The California based company is one of the Top 500 internet retailers in the powersports spare parts and accessories market. It provides a platform for customers to find and purchase OEM parts and aftermarket parts of motorcycles, ATVs, and Snowmobiles from top OEMs including Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Business Need.

The client wanted to create an extensive database of spare parts and aftermarket parts including helmets, riding gear, spare parts, tires, accessories etc. The information on this database which included product images and specifications was to be captured from multiple OEM websites. Ensuring that this data was comprehensive, accurate and constantly updated required extensive data capture, classification, cleansing and enrichment.

The images needed to be retouched for removing watermarks etc. before being uploaded in relevant product segment. The client hence partnered with HitechDigital to extract and maintain high quality updated product data and images on its portal.


Data source identification: Data and images to be extracted were spread across different manufacturers’ websites in different page layouts. Collating this diverse data was a complex process.

Unstructured data: Name of spare parts and aftermarket parts were displayed in different formats on different websites. Client was required to spend more time to manually inspect, identify and collect data and images for the correct product.

Photo retouching: Background watermarks on spare part and accessories would render photos of no use. Removing watermarks and redesigning spare part diagrams in a different layout required a team of expert auto ancillary photo editors.


Ongoing product update on the client portal with product specifications and images was delivered backed by an automated workflow which accounted for seamless web extraction, validation and data enrichment activities. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Lightroom were leveraged to make images ready to be published with relevant product specifications.


Designed a web scraping tool using bots, macros and scripts to collect data requested by client from manufacturer’s websites. Photos of accessories and spare parts were edited and retouched manually.

Data Acquisition

Data Preparation

Image Redrawing

Quality Check and Audit


Software and Technology: Custom web scraping tools, Macros, Bots, Scripts and Adobe Photoshop

Business Impact.

Increased accuracy of product database
Optimized data gave high conversions from the platform
Enhanced brand recall value and customer experience
Enhanced sales revenue
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