Lead scoring and prioritization model enhances sales conversions by 200 percent

Lead scoring and prioritization model enhances sales conversions by 200 percent Banner

Client Profile.

An integrated engineering consulting and technology services company working with a global clientele was looking to exponentially increase productivity of its business development efforts.

Business Need.

The company’s business development initiatives are targeted towards closing high value clients from targeted industry segments and geographies. The sales and marketing team leans heavily on a huge leads database that is fed through multiple sources like paid and organic search engine activities, email and social media marketing campaigns, events and exhibitions presence, referrals, etc.

Sales representatives navigated through a huge pool of unstructured leads, collected from various sources and mapping to various geographies, industries and services for closures and conversions. The chaotic database made prioritization difficult and a lot of effort was wasted on pursuing unproductive leads or low ticket value clients. Inability to qualify inbound leads substantially impacted their conversion speed.

The company was looking at a solution which would help clean and categorize the leads and then, based on numerous predefined factors, prioritize them in a way that higher ranked leads found their way first to the sales funnel.



HitechDigital leads experts developed a key-word based algorithmic model to analyze, score, and rank the leads in a way that high priority leads were first assigned to sales representatives to enhance productivity.


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