RPA driven quality checks of manufacturing drawings to validate information accuracy and zeroing down errors

RPA driven quality checks of manufacturing drawings to validate information accuracy and zeroing down errors Banner

Client Profile.

The client is a leading industrial designer and manufacturer of precision machine parts offering end-to-end designing and manufacturing solutions. The company primarily engages with aviation industry part suppliers across the USA for manufacturing high-quality parts.

Business Need.

The manufacturing company has in-house design research and development teams creating design and drawings to enable manufacturing at its production facility. Given the aviation industry standards and heavy monetary investment for precision manufacturing, they followed stringent quality checks.

However, as the entire process was manual, it was time-consuming and resource-intensive. Thus, they looked for automation solution for QC of pdf files of drawings to reduce the time spent and costs incurred due to reworks in manufacturing.

  • Lack of proper test strategy and test coverage to check drawings quality
  • Wide range and uncertainty in the scope of parameters to be audited
  • Difficulties in reading heavily detailed manufacturing instructions and foot notes in drawings

The company approached HitechDigital for capture and standardization of Reddit posts and discussions and classification according to race, ethnicity, age, etc.


The team at HitechDigital studied the processes to understand the scope of work, technology to be used, and the workflow to be designed.

Following project requirements increased the challenges of the process:


HitechDigital data analysts designed an automated quality check process for verifying information warehoused in the manufacturing shop drawings using Robotic Process Automation(RPA).

The team designed bots using UI Path and R for pixel by pixel validation of following details in the drawings and models:


Defining the scope of automation:

Programming for bots:

Quality checks:

Final bots were dispatched to the client for integrating with their systems.

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