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FEA support to evaluate structural integrity between two trailer frame designs

FEA support to evaluate structural integrity between two trailer frame designs Banner

Client Profile.

Trailer manufacturer, Canada
Industry: Automotive Industry


The client, a trailer manufacturer, had to analyze the design integrity of the frame design which could be deformed under heavy loading conditions. Real time scenario was simulated using FEA in ANSYS Professional NLS 14.5 by Hitech FEA specialists and obtained the results marking the proposed designs to be safe.

Business Needs.

  • Evaluate functional performance of the trailer to withstand heavy loads.
  • Predict stresses in the frame subjected to loading.
  • Check if the deflection is within permissible limits as specified standards so that it can carry cargo loads without damage.
  • Investigate the vibrations and resonance that disturbs structural stability of the frame.
FEA support to evaluate structural integrity


Hitech’s Solution.

Trailer frame CAD models provided by the client were cleaned to make FE models and apply boundary conditions to obtain results of simulations. FEA specialists at Hitech tested the structural integrity of frame and it was observed that both the trailer frame designs were acceptable.



Client Speaks.

We experienced a sharp decrease in our manufacturing lead time by several folds which because of great contribution of Hitech’s FEA specialist and their excellent capabilities to work with simulation techniques.


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