Developing installation guide for shop fitting furniture at a retail store, Europe

Developing installation guide for shop fitting furniture at a retail store, Europe Banner

Client Profile.

Manufacturer of shop fitting products, Europe
Industry: Retail Furniture


The client, a manufacturer of retail shop fitting products, had ready manufacturing drawings for made-to-measure products, which were not informative enough for installation engineers on site. HitechDigital engineers developed installation guides with proper instructions of ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ for safe and seamless installation using Autodesk Inventor.

Business Needs.

  • Provide continuous assistance to service engineers on site for efficient assembly and installation.
  • Develop 2D installation drawings using CAD platforms from manufacturing drawings available.
  • Provide comprehensive and technical guidelines in drawings for installation engineers.
  • Attain optimum installation for retail shop fitting products created at the client location.
Developing installation guide for shop fitting furniture


HitechDigital’s Solution.

HitechDigital project team delivered assembly guides and installation guides from the manufacturing drawings and models created in Inventor to help service engineers working onsite at client’s end long with a sequencing video in Photoshop. The project team also reverse engineered the available inventory and delivered a novel shop fitting product to be deployed for use at the store location for inspiring shopping worlds.



Client Speaks.

HitechDigital helped us eliminate the roadblocks our services engineers had to deal with every time we went onsite to install the ready manufactured products. We would recommend HitechDigital’s partnership to anyone in the industry for seamless installation.


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