Designs of bunded fuel containers for a fuel & water tanks manufacturer

Designs of bunded fuel containers for a fuel & water tanks manufacturer Banner

Client Profile.

Bunded container manufacturer, U.K.
Industry: Energy and utilities


Fuel tank storage designer and manufacturer wanted to convert his designs to CAD models of fuel tanks of varying capacities, adhering to globalstandards. HitechDigital team of engineers and drafters delivered CAD models maintaining regulatory standards such as UN, ADR, PPG2, BS799, UL, etc. along with detailed manufacturing drawings and support at manufacturing sites in China.

Business Needs.

Designs of bunded fuel containers


HitechDigital’s Solution.

HitechDigital CAD professionals developed storage tank designs considering the regulatory norms of various countries and delivered comprehensive manufacturing drawings to assist manufacturing teams on shop floor. Starting with a design solution for bunded container of 20/40 feet above ground level, HitechDigital currently delivers tanks CAD design solutions ranging from 100 to 16000 Gallons.



Client Speaks.

It was really empowering for our design engineers and manufacturing engineers to have HitechDigital on our side from start until the end. Their profound understanding for CAD designing and analysis software was the biggest advantage of entire collaboration.


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