Design Automation helps door manufacturer to reduce delivery times by 70%, and design development costs by 40%

Design Automation helps door manufacturer to reduce delivery times by 70%, and design development costs by 40% Banner

Client Profile.

A U.S.-based manufacturer specializing in metal and steel doors and frames, and selling its products through third-party retail distributors.

Business Needs.

The company was shifting its focus to production and distribution, increasing its capacities to manufacture around 10,000 products a month, and manage smaller orders within 1-2 business days. The client approached HitechDigital, looking to significantly cut down on engineering activities, time and service costs.


Most customer orders involved custom design and manufacturing, which required between 6-12 hours of engineering design processes per order. And about 40% were small orders, increasing overall engineering time focused on personalizing requirements and in-depth quality checks for delivering on exact specifications.

Legacy systems used by the client were adding to overall order management time, especially in the movement and approval of design data and specifications from sales to engineering and production.


SOLIDWORKS®, DriveWorks®

Design Automation for Door Manufacturer

Solution and Approach.

An authorized partner for DriveWorks implementation, HitechDigital’s engineers transformed the order to engineering and shop floor processes through automation solutions, reducing up to 80% of engineering time.

Automated design development for 70% of projects over 2 years

Through Sales Order Entry Services, developing DriveWorks Configurators, enabled 100% automation of

  • 3D model and fabrication drawings generation
  • Manufacturing data generation

Partial design automation for rest of the projects

For products, where design development was too complex and highly personalized to be fully automated,

  • Engineering work was performed in SOLIDWORKS®.
  • Repetitive modeling and drawings tasks were identified and automated by developing custom macros for SOLIDWORKS or through further DriveWorks development.

Partially automated Quality Control

  • Automated flagging of all kinds of errors and missing data allowed to ensure above 99% quality levels.
  • Additionally, custom scripts and tools were developed to automate all repetitive quality checks and validation processes, significantly reducing time spent on quality checks or reworks.

Business Impact.

Delivery times reduced by over 70%
Abilities to deliver on over 10,000 orders per month
99% quality levels, eliminating QC at client site.
About 40% reduction in overall design development costs
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