Manufacturer gets design solutions from concept sketches to fabrication for product enhancement, helping consumers gain energy, cost savings

Manufacturer gets design solutions from concept sketches to fabrication for product enhancement, helping consumers gain energy, cost savings Banner

Client Profile.

A global business, with a 40-year history in manufacturing and installing a range of fabric processing machines to customers in Europe and Asia from its factories at 5 locations in the continents. The company specializes in building personalized products, each one custom engineered to their client’s specific site requirements.

Business Needs.

The client was planning to enhance its dipping line for fabrics used in rubber products with a view to resolving issues faced by customers of the existing product – increased operating costs due to high energy consumption and progressive increase in dipping time.

The client required an engineering team to develop concept ideas, propose a complete enhanced product design, and take care of the entire concept to manufacture processes.

Additionally, the client required help in identifying the right suppliers who could manufacture best-fit components of high quality.


Enhancing the product required addressing challenges of loads, speeds and dimensions and materials used, which introduced a significant amount of complexity to the conceptual design process.

The requirement that the new product should improve process control demanded testing and in-depth analysis on multiple parameters to evaluate different mechanical assemblies and measure the price-versus-performance trade-offs.

Concept to Fabrication for Product Enhancement


Enhanced existing product design, including component modifications, topology and dimension changes to improve dipping efficiency while reducing part and material costs
This included complete solutions from creating sketches to virtual prototypes to the finalized 3D model of the approved design.

Complete detailed engineering solutions
Delivering the new dipping machine design ready for the shop floor a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.

Helped in identifying and selecting vendors for manufacturing of components

Quality Inspection and Manufacturing Inspection at vendor sites




  • On-line training sessions were set up to gain complete product and process understanding. This allowed for faster project scoping and process management planning.
  • Developed concept sketches of the enhanced product based on ideas presented by client’s team, in-depth study of existing product and issues, and through market research of competitor products.
  • Created a checklist of specifications and refined concept drawings following detailed discussions with cross-disciplinary engineering teams.
  • Developed 3D representations of the fully developed concepts in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Revised the conceptual design through a 2-week iteration processes based on continuous feedback.
  • Conducted detailed FEA analysis to check stress and deformations of different components in the new dipping line design models using ANSYS.
  • Performed virtual prototyping of the various components, testing it further for improving performance, which led to further iterations, engineering analysis and more virtual mock-ups.
  • Finalized design was sent to client’s affiliate firm for compliance with standards and final design approval processes.
  • Developed detailed 3D models and drawings for manufacturing.
  • Prepared BOMs and manufacturing documents.
  • Supported in preparing assembly guidelines.
  • Market research and site checks for component supplier selection.
  • Site visits and consultations for component design quality improvements and quality inspection and manufacturing inspection.
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