CFD simulation of wind driven rain on building facade

CFD simulation of wind driven rain on building facade Banner

Client Profile.

Architectural façade Designing Firm, India
Industry: Building construction industry


The client a leading building construction company wanted to install glass façade for a high-rise building and wanted to analyze safe distance between the outer edge of building and façade by calculating the effects of wind driven rain. HitechDigital CFD specialists studied the effect and delivered the results to client to take necessary decision.

CFD Simulation: Wind Driven Rain on Building Facade

Business Needs.


HitechDigital’s Solution.

HitechDigital team analyzed the received building CAD models along with surrounding structural models to study the wind pattern and profile and its effects on rain droplets. From the impact of Wind Driven Rain (WDR) and wind loads on building facades was simulated by predicting the surface wetting distribution accurately and results were delivered to the client for taking appropriate decisions of safe installation of facades at heights.



Client Speaks.

We couldn’t believe our designs were so quickly analyzed and such accurate results were delivered to us. We were overwhelmed with the design support provided by HitechDigital CFD specialists.


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