Auto-updation of sales orders and real-time work visibility for project studio management tool

Auto-updation of sales orders and real-time work visibility for project studio management tool Banner

Client Profile.

The client is a manufacturer of custom hollow metal doors and frames operating out of 100,000 square feet of manufacturing facility in the West Coast, USA. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the company supplies order-to-manufacture doors and frames across the country.

Business Need.

  • 200+ sales order data was received every day that needed to be managed, distributed, worked upon, and order details such as name, sales details, etc. added to spreadsheets. This was adversely impacting engineers’ productivity.
  • To eliminate this non-productive task, the team needed an automation solution that would not just address productivity issues but also to maintain data accuracy of orders.



Solution & Results.

The solution was designed by focusing on automating project management tasks, assigning work, and identifying the same type of jobs for better resource allocation. It aimed to achieve:

The project development team scripted an automation tool using VB scripts to integrate ERP systems with the SQL database and import pending work-related information to the local database. The tool was equipped with Start and Stop functionality to capture modeling and QC time for every specialist working on the project.

A VPN tunnel was set up between HitechDigital’s server and the client’s server to achieve the automation setup and maintain the productivity report of all the jobs assigned to engineers. Real-time visibility for all jobs in progress was made available by setting the synchronization time of five minutes between HitechDigital’s SQL and client’s SQL.

Development of project studio functionality elevated project engineers’ productivity and offered:

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