Reduced TAT by 25% for 1,800+ shelter structure drawings in SolidWorks with 100% right first time designs

Reduced TAT by 25% for 1,800+ shelter structure drawings in SolidWorks with 100% right first time designs Banner

Client Profile.

The client is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of open air steel structures across the US and Canada. They deliver end-to-end solutions for installation of steel canopies including initial concept design through final manufacturing.

Business Need.

Client’s products, metal based shelter structures make use of a range of different materials and uncommon structural geometry. As a result, the design development process was iterative and time-consuming. Secondly, detailing these designs for fabrication also took long hours as structural metal fabrication involved multiple manufacturing operations such as cutting, welding, assembling the parts etc.

Additionally, the timeframe between design approval and fabrication was tight due to which the client was looking for an experienced CAD engineering partner to:

  • Verify design integrity in the final assembly model by inspecting the correct placement of features such as holes, components, hardware details etc.
  • Manage heavy work cycles to improve delivery timelines
  • Address unplanned or unscheduled delivery orders irrespective of their volumes

Project Samples.

Octagon - Input - Customer PDF & Model Input – 3D Model
Octagon - Output - Assembly & parts (3D model verification & production drawings) Output – Manufacturing Drawings
Input - Technical Calculation Input – Technical Calculation
Output - Drawings after Model Verification Output – Drawings after Model Verification



Delivered 1800+ manufacturing drawings and 3D models for shelter structures using top-down design approach in SolidWorks 2019. The top-down approach enabled a quick review of the product design, easy design change management, and uninterrupted manufacturing.


A team of expert SolidWorks engineers with extensive knowledge of metal fabrication was assembled to develop manufacturing drawings and other documents for a range of different shelter structures.

Quality Audit:

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