Web Research for Creating an Updated Database for a SaaS Provider in London, UK

Web Research for Creating an Updated Database for a SaaS Provider in London, UK Banner

Client Profile.

SaaS Solution Provider, London, UK


Upload new endurance sports events including running, cycling, triathlon, duathlon, walking, mountain biking etc. on client’s website and cleansing client’s database every week to refresh the data on the website.

The Solution.

Search for new endurance sports events with help of web research activity in calendar listings around Europe and South Africa from web. Secondly data was pursued with help of web crawlers to cleanse it every week and upload the cleansed data on the website.


Maintaining that workflow required for that perfect tuning between the two activities was a challenge. Not necessarily all the websites had a content calendar adhering to which they would upload the event details on their site. So if the latter activity gets delayed, the follow up activity of cleansing the database would be at stake. Other challenges included:


The Solution.

Client was asked to select professionals from a team of experienced and focused web researchers, proficient at handling similar kind of multiple tasking projects. Enlisted processes were set to meet client requirements:

Web Research Process - Step 1
A. Searching new Sports Events through Web Research

Web Research Process - Step 2
B. New Sports Events through Web Crawlers

Step 3 – De-Duping and Quality Control: Eliminate duplicates from existing active.com/global database, do 100% quality check using standard check list for the project and upload the new cleansed data into the website.

Step 4 – Audit: Do random audit of 5% of the total volume in the Excel spreadsheet and make sure that there is not a single error found.

Step 5 – Online upload: Upload the cleansed data in active.com/global database.

Step 6 – Dispatch: Project Manager has to email the status to the client on daily basis for the submitted records into active.com/global database.

Value Addition.

Keeping up with ever evolving technological demands, of our clients and for our clients, we consistently upgrade our systems, processes and skills of our employees; to ensure that our web research and data cleansing solutions are the ones with latest technological adoptions to assist our clients to stay competitive.

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