Web Research of Celebrity & Company Accounts for a Digital Marketing Firm in Singapore

Web Research of Celebrity & Company Accounts for a Digital Marketing Firm in Singapore Banner

Client Profile.

Digital Marketing Agency, Singapore


This project involved verifying the identities of celebrities, product brands and companies in client’s web-based database for social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and vkontakte (Russian Social Media).

The Solution.

A team of well-trained researchers were allotted to the project; who did thorough web research using the client’s database as a reference.


  • Maintaining accuracy was the utmost priority. Since, it was all about verifying the accounts of the celebrities and products; lack of attention cannot be tolerated.
  • Ensure that the data is relevant and compiled in proper order to make it accessible to the client.
  • Deliver the outputs in the quickest turnaround time.


Extensive data research allowed our professionals to verify only genuine celebrity accounts, therefore, the chances of impersonations mitigated.

The Solution.

  • It all started by building a strong team of web researchers having a keen sense to details.
  • With a remote login accounts, our professionals accessed the online database of the client.
  • Next thing, we do was to undertake a thorough research wherein we verified the details of the celebrity accounts with the details provided on the internet and the internal database of the client.
  • Once, the initial research and verification was done, the quality controller conducted extensive quality checking to ensure that any unauthentic account is not verified; further creating problems.
  • On an average 35 identities were verified each day.
Web Research of Celebrity & Company Accounts
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