Transform audience feelings / sentiments into invaluable insights about Hollywood movies

Transform audience feelings / sentiments into invaluable insights about Hollywood movies Banner

Client Profile.

UK based company providing market research services and social media insights to production houses
Industry: Media & Entertainment


A leading market research firm needed a solution to study pre-launch audience feelings and develop invaluable insights for Hollywood movies and TV shows. The process involved identifying news articles and social media posts relevant to the targeted list of movies and TV shows, and analyzing statements conveying the sentiments in form of positive, negative and/or ambivalent.

Business Needs.

  • Assessment of promotional merchandise and teasers to be launched.
  • Comprehensive checks and finalization of research reports for each movie / TV show.
  • Less than 1% error rate.


  • Massive data size, fluctuating volumes, and strict deadlines.
  • Subjective nature of articles requiring extensive comprehension and classification.
  • Idiosyncratic nature of statements conveying the sentiments.
  • Real time trend changes based on the campaign.
  • Dynamic keyword and phrases for sentiment assessment involving multiple meanings and applications within the same statement.
Transform audience feelings / sentiments into invaluable insights

HitechDigital’s Approach.



Client was able to identify shows that were likely to be successful and assigned them selective time slots and marketed them to target audience.


Client Speaks.

The reaction from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. They were amazed at how quickly we can drill into data combined with the prettiness. The social media analytics unlocked the value content, allowing them to better engage the fan base, optimize marketing and ultimately increase profits and ratings.

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