Scout card data digitization empowers energy analytics company to deliver powerful business intelligence to oil and gas companies globally

Client Testimonials

My sincere gratitude for the amazing work done by you on the Scout Card project. The data to be collected was extensive, unique and complex and your team learnt quickly and captured the data extremely accurately.  My experience has solidified my desire to work with your company on all future projects. 

Steve Michener

Manager, Data Ingestion

Scout card data digitization empowers energy analytics company to deliver powerful business intelligence to oil and gas companies globally Banner

Client Profile.

The company is a leading energy-dedicated Software as a service and data analytics company offering energy exploration decision support across the energy industry including oil and gas, financial institutions, power, utilities, and renewables. From early-stage investment to full-scale development, they provide intelligence and analytical insights to 6,000 customers in over 50 countries.

Business Need.

The client had hundreds of thousands of oil & gas drill stem test results in the form of scanned images called “scout cards”. They leveraged the information contained in the images to extract business intelligence for marketing to a global clientele in the oil and gas space. The scout card data typically includes information about location, total depth, logs run, production status, productive capacity, pressure, permeability or extent of an oil or gas reservoir.

The company needed to process a huge volume of two hundred thousand scanned documents. This required transferring hundreds of data fields from the documents to the client’s online database called “Refinery Tool” through a manual data entry process.

They approached HitechDigital to take on the task of scout card data extraction and entry.


An as-is and scope assessment of the project threw up various challenges for the data conversion team. The greatest challenge was familiarizing the teams with specific and complex terminology associated with the oil and gas industry, including abbreviations of the terminologies. Specific challenges that the team successfully navigated were:


The data specialists at HitechDigital digitized hundreds and thousands of data fields across 700,000 scanned scout cards containing oil & gas drill stem-test results. The high volumes and accuracy of the complex data conversion, achieved through meticulous hiring, training and quality-checks, helped client offer high value business intelligence across metrics to clients.


To address the scalability and complexity needs of the project, a structured workflow was setup.

Hiring and Training

Data conversion

Quality Check and Audit

Software & Technology

Business Impact.

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