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24*7 formatting of thousands of CVs for 500+ global recruiters, drives massive hiring efficiencies for engineering staffing solutions provider.

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Client Profile.

The client is the world’s leading engineering staffing provider with over 90 years’ experience of delivering workforce solutions to the Oil & Gas, Power & Renewables, Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Mining, Automotive and Chemicals sectors worldwide.

Business Need.

The client sourced resumes of engineering professionals from thousands of candidates as well as from 450+ recruitment consultants – all of which needed to be populated into their CRM database. These resumes were in multiple different formats. Given the non-standardized nature of the resumes, it was time consuming to enter the data into their systems. This adversely impacted objective and comparative analysis of candidate profiles and hiring efficiency.

To increase the efficiency of their hiring process, the talent acquisition company partnered with HitechDigital to support their resume formatting processes on an ongoing basis. The offshore model was also aimed at operational scalability, flexibility, and cost optimization.


Our project managers assessed and documented the following challenges that needed to be addressed before project commencement:


Delivered a structured and seamless end-to-end resume formatting workflow which enabled ongoing extraction of information from nearly 300+ CVs in a day, transferring them into presentable and standardized resume formats and populating the formatted resumes into client CRM. The process involved manual data extraction as well as using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


Three separate resume formatting teams working across shifts were set up to address resume formatting needs of consultants across geographies, primarily the USA, EMEA and Oceania. The teams were imparted training to help them understand engineering jargon, complex candidate resumes structures, and identification of relevant fields.

resume processing before after

Update mechanism

Daily reports on multiple metrics including quality, turnaround, productivity etc. were shared with client by way of dashboards as well as spreadsheets. Project monitoring reports including KPI achievements against goals were shared monthly.

Quality check and audit

A dedicated QC team did a sample check of 20% of resumes against specified benchmarks. Erroneous resumes were routed back to respective resume formatting professionals for corrections.

Resume Formatting Workflow.

Input Resume Pool

Input Resume Pool

  • 1000+ recruiters across multiple geographies
  • Received 24*7 over email, FTP, ATS
  • Received as PDF, word and image files
Resume Preparation

Resume Preparation

  • Conversion: Images to Text using OCR
  • Classification: assigning template and priority.
  • Assign to formatter and QC from resource pool
Resume Formatting

Resume Formatting

  • Formats selected based on client approved template.
  • Custom macros developed for specific formatting needs.
Quality Check

Quality Check

  • Formatting
  • Proofreading
  • Contextual Comprehensiveness


  • Final resumes uploaded to ATS or shared via email / FTP
  • Met SLA TAT of 45 mins to 2 hours

Business Impact.

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