Redesign a Company Logo for UK Based Inventory Firm

Redesign a Company Logo for UK Based Inventory Firm Banner

Client Profile.

Inventory Transcription Company, UK
Industry: Real Estate


Create a new logo based on the lines of old logo, but add more innovation and contemporariness.

The Solution.

New logo designed without altering the essence of the old logo; cementing company’s identity in the minds of the customers.


  • Create differentiation between existing & appreciated logos and create a new logo without altering the essence.
  • Add more creativity and contemporariness which can give an impression of stability and credibility.

Business Impact.

  • Avoid falling into obscurity and anonymity among the raging sea of other brands that exists today.
  • Retentive image that is lean and legible and not complex or stimulating.
  • Impression of a globalized identity of the company with timeliness and sophistication that gives the consumer that ease of use and simplified lifestyle.
Redesign a Company Logo

Change is Constant – with time, things fade away and recreates itself to appeal to the current audience or viewers.

The same principle applies every well to the Logos. A well- Designed logo plays an instrumental role in making or breaking the brand. However, it cannot remain the same; with time, it also requires tweaking and revamping to increase it visual appeal.

With this thought, a leading Inventory Transcription company headquartered in UK approached HitechDigital to redesign their logo, without making any drastic changes in the older one.

The Solution.

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