Rebate Processing, Data Entry of Handwritten & Scanned Rebate Forms in Web Based Application

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Client Profile.

Rebate Service Center, Seattle, USA
Industry: Rebate Processing


Key-in information from hard copy rebate receipts into Excel spreadsheet for a Rebate Service Center, a private company, assisting thousands of customers across USA.

The Solution.

Client was furnished with details of candidates, so as to shortlist and select 50 expert data entry operators. Upon completion of the selection process, the next step was of discussing, designing and developing a workflow for uninterrupted keying in data from hard copy rebate receipts in to excel sheets, quality check of keyed data, and the auditing process.


MS Excel, FTP Server


  • Unclear Fields and Formatting.
  • Non-unique fonts & font size of hand written details in the rebate receipts, which could increase human errors & misinterpretations.
  • Hard copy of rebate receipts, received from client’s end were not clear and required great amount of accuracy, ultimately increasing the time spent on each file to read, decipher & then key in data. It ultimately increased the count of resources required to complete the project.


  • We attained 99.99% accuracy in manual data entry of rebate receipts; which ultimately resulted into satisfaction to the end-customers.
  • Satisfied clients recommended our client to their peers, bringing about a surge in the customer base of our client.
Data Entry of Handwritten & Scanned Rebate Forms

The Solution.

Upon receipt of rebate receipts in boxes through courier, they were assigned to a team of process associates for keying in the data, followed by 100% quality control through dedicated quality controllers. 10% entries were audited by the team leaders and finally the output was emailed to client in form of excel spreadsheet by the project Manager. Since it was the monetary information of customers, data accuracy and security took the front seat.

The project was executed through below steps:

Value Addition.

Keeping up with ever evolving technological demands, of our clients and for our clients, we consistently upgrade our systems, processes and skills of our employees; to ensure that our Data Entry of Handwritten & Scanned document solutions, are the ones with latest technological adoptions to assist our clients to stay competitive.

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