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Leads compilation and enrichment enhances mailing list performance for increased marketing ROI

Leads compilation and enrichment enhances mailing list performance for increased marketing ROI Banner

Client Profile.

USA-based healthcare branding, advertising and marketing communications agency that helps hospitals, health systems, life science innovators and emerging healthcare companies across the USA to improve brand relevance and consumer experiences.

Business Need.

The healthcare marketing and advertising company banked on a voluminous leads database to drive its marketing initiatives and campaigns. However, their leads management process was manual and hence error prone. The returns from their marketing campaigns hence did not meet expectations.

The company was looking for a robust process that could ensure an agile and accurate leads database to effectively upsell and cross sell its range of services to diverse audiences and increase their marketing ROI. This required structuring, validating and constantly updating the database through a mix of manual and automated processes.



Automated lead validation and verification workflow was used to deliver accurate and high performing customer leads database, enriched with latest information available online. Authentic and pre-decided online sources were used to collect missing demographics and geographical data.


Team of data professionals initiated the process by automating the extraction, validation and verification of customer leads from online resources. It was followed with enrichment of existing leads database with data collected from company websites, social media sites, business directories etc.


Quality Check and Audit:


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