Image Enhancement for a Car Dealer in Denmark

Image Enhancement for a Car Dealer in Denmark Banner

Client Profile.

Medium-sized European Car Dealership, Denmark
Industry: Automotive


Enhancing 15,000 plus images of cars every year, for online advertising, of a dealership selling more than 1,000 cars per year.

Background changed and applied effects

The Challenges.

The Solution.

Delivered 15,000 images with post production of covering the entire background with car’s image. Removing dust particles, reflections and other distracting elements found on images of the car through clipping path.


Technology / Software.

After comprehending client requirements; it was concluded to use Adobe Photoshop for editing and Adobe Lightroom for color corrections for successfully executing this image enhancement project.

HitechDigital’s Solution.

For post processing images of cars & make them more attractive, clipping path experts clubbed with removing elements like dust particles and reflections, were put at task. Images were uploaded on server for processing as per client specifications. 10 plus graphic designers working on this ongoing project, enhancing more than 1,200 images a month. To attain this challenging task a workflow was designed, which ensured that a designer would work only on his/her area of expertise in coordination with internal checklist & specifications by client. Multilayered quality check process was followed. Upon completion, the process of data transfer through server was followed to send, images back to the client.

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