Build, Operate & Transfer Model powers job portal in CA, USA

Global employment portal powered by a 500-strong scalable workforce drives key functions ranging from data management and programming to design, and marketing.

Build, Operate & Transfer Model powers job portal in CA, USA Banner

Client Profile.

The client is a Californian company operating in the recruitment space and offering the entire spectrum of employment services from job portals and head hunting to resume writing and mass mails.

Business Need.

To power its job portal, the company captured and aggregated online jobs from every conceivable source from around the world and showcased them on their portal for job seekers. They partnered with Hitech to help them:

  • Significantly scale up the volumes of jobs available on the portal,
  • Accelerate the pace of new jobs showing up on the site,
  • Ensure that jobs were captured from trusted sources,
  • Always have relevant and updated jobs available on the site.

Over time, the scope of work saw a huge expansion. Not just did the volume of jobs scale up, but the activities to sustain and grow operations increased. The company then requested a transition of business model which would allow them:

  • Greater control over their offshore operations
  • Scale at an accelerated pace
  • Hire a cross-functional team to support expansion plans
  • Keep control over operational costs


The project management team encountered several challenges as they put together a roadmap for successful project implementation. These included:


A dedicated data acquisition team was set up to address the omnichannel data capture needs of the job portal. The scope of work and number of projects gradually increased with the increase in client’s confidence in the Hitech’s team to deliver. The augmented list of projects included data validation and standardization, software development and maintenance, graphic design, and digital marketing.

Over time, dedicated support functions for HR, Admin, Technical Support and Finance were added. The client’s offshore office was registered as a legal Indian entity, the employee strength grew to 750+ and once the client company’s abilities to independently operations was established, the company was transferred to the client.

Here is a phase-by-phase account of how the project transformed into a global capability center with a Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) model.

The Build Phase: Project Setup

The Operate Phase: Implementation and Rapid Expansion

Project Expansion

Infrastructure and Resource Expansion

The Transfer Phase. Ownership Handed Over.

Operational Map.

Business Impact.

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