Automated web data extraction and standardization empower strong business intelligence solutions

Automated web data extraction and standardization empower strong business intelligence solutions Banner

Client Profile.

The client is a business intelligence firm equipping customers with market intelligence and data-backed insights on suppliers and systems to make informed decisions for tendering. They also offer consultancy services to liaise effectively with government agencies. Backed with extensive experience and expertise; the firm services clients across England in the consultancy, media & market, e-procurement, and supply chain solution sectors.

Business Need.

Driven by an increasing customer demand for exhaustive information on industry and government data, the company wanted to derive intelligent insights from an integrated database created through data capture activities from disparate online sources. It would serve as a single source for information on all tenders published by the government for manufacturing, construction, market & media and insights on consultancy for decision making. To implement this, they were looking for a technology partner to support them with:

  • Acquisition of real-time and updated data from multiple online sources
  • Automation of data sourcing, web extraction, data formatting, and data integration processes
  • Dashboard creation and alerts for real-time visibility and insights into tender data

The company approached HitechDigital for capture and standardization of Reddit posts and discussions and classification according to race, ethnicity, age, etc.


The firm needed to extract voluminous and latest data from thousands of government websites for tenders. The current approach of manual web data scraping posed multiple challenges including:


Delivery of an optimized and automated data management solution using RPA, Mozenda, and Python to pace up various data processes such as:


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