A top U.S.-based engineering and design consultant enables capacity, resource expansion while reducing engineering service costs by 40%

A top U.S.-based engineering and design consultant enables capacity, resource expansion while reducing engineering service costs by 40% Banner

Client Profile.

An engineering company among the top 10 in the U.S. building design and construction market in terms of revenue. The company specializes in infrastructure, building systems and diverse construction-related services, with operations in 30+ global locations.

Business Needs.

The client was seeking to establish an extended delivery center in India to fulfil several business expansion goals

  • Gain abilities to quickly ramp up resources, services, projects.
  • Control a recurring increase in engineering design services costs.
  • Increase abilities to meet dynamic delivery schedules.
  • Reduce engineering cycle times across global projects.


  • Selecting locations for continued access to a labor pool of structural and MEP engineers, modelers, and availability of technology, infrastructure resources.
  • Unfamiliar regulatory landscape across different Indian states.
  • Limited exposure to national and regional employment law, financial, tax and other compliance procedures.
  • Understanding and selecting recruitment mechanisms to acquire an offshore team.

Solution & Approach.

Conducted site visits, consultations with operations and management teams to understand the client’s operations model, capabilities requirements and business challenges, and proposed the following approach:

Setting up an offshore delivery center via the Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO) outsourcing model

Four Phases of BTO Model

Our solutions encompassed all four phases of the BTO model.

1) Building Offshore Engineering Team

Setup a remote team of 5 delivering engineering CADD work and ramped up to 50+ resources over 2 years providing MEP and structural design support.

The key solutions provided at this phase included:

2) Transfer of Ownership

Once the successful model was established, benefits realized, we helped the client to acquire a profitable, smoothly running operations setup.

3) Operations Management Support of Client-owned Offshore Center

Managed operations of client-owned center and ensured smooth integration of work and business.

4) Expansion and Continued Process Improvements

Helped frame a collaborative business model and helped the client to source above 70% of project work to offshore center while supporting global and local expansion goals.

Key Impact Areas.

Two extended delivery centers managing 50-90% of project work, based on complexity of work
Acquired capacities to scale up, ramp up quickly
Reduced delivery times by half
Reduced engineering service costs by up to 40%
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